Curol+ collaborated with Spirit Clothing for healthy work environment

Curol+ collaborated with Spirit Clothing for healthy work environment

New Delhi: Curol+ a liquid-based surface cleaning product on the occasion of World Population Day has collaborated with Spirit Clothing, a professionally managed garment manufacturing company. The motive of the collaboration is to reduce the pollution & PM particles from the premises of the company. The owner of Spirit Clothing was really concerned about the safety and health of his industry workforce in the Covid-19 scenario and wanted to provide a cleaner and a better work environment.

With the help of Curol+ a disinfectant liquid solution, the process of cleaning the factory continued for 7 days and results were mind boggling. The number of employees working in the company are approximately 200 and reduction of PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels are upto 85%. The kota stone floors were shining bright and looked new. Now workers are performing better along with less absenteeism.

Speaking on the collaboration Udit Mehra, CEO, Spirit Clothing Company said,” I believe that we have a duty toward our workers and our customers. We wanted to keep our workers happy and healthy as absenteeism was a big issue and ill health of workers kept disrupting the production supply chain. Our customers wanted a better environment along with social compliances such as BSCI and Sedex. We partnered with CUROL + and they showed us a path to a better company.

Adding to the same, Vivek Bhatnagar ,Founder, Curol+ said, “Curol + binds the cutting dust, the fibers that are suspended in the air in cutting rooms, the fibers that are increased at the sewing stations, the dust mites on the factory floor and getting into the lungs of the workers. Spirit went a step further and provided the Curol+ liquid to the workers to take home and sweep their floors with it . Now, the environment has less dust mites and fresher air to breathe. The Management team at Spirit was very satisfied and got a new USP to do sale with.”

Dhruv Bhatnagar, CEO, Curol + further elucidated,” Curol+ is an entirely organic solution which is suitable for all industries, offices and factories. The aim that Spirit had involved particles and fibers originating from cutting rooms, production floors, dust and lint that would choke and block the lungs of their workers and the necessity to improve the quality of their environment. Our product helps in making the working environment cleaner by removing the fibres from cutting rooms and sewing machines and dust mites on the floor of the factory.”

Spirit Clothing Company is a 350 workers garment factory catering to European Sustainable brands who care about the society and workers. Curol + is the safest and most accessible weapon to counter Indoor and Outdoor Air pollution . It is a completely Organic solution for all Industries , offices and factories who care for their employees and their people.