Customized Energy Solutions driving adoption of advanced technologies and leading energy transition in India

Current or Electricity

Customized Energy Solutions (CES), an energy consulting and software company providing solutions in electricity markets and emerging technologies for 22 years has successfully enabled more than 500 clients to stay ahead of the changes in the ever-evolving sector. CES comprehensive suite of solutions and services including energy trading services, emerging technologies consulting services, demand response services, battery testing services and grid monitoring tools has services businesses looking to capitalize on opportunities in the rapidly growing market. Key to this success is CES’ ability to create and deliver attainable value propositions using emerging technologies.

With India estimated to account for more than a third of the growth in global energy demand over the next three decades, CES is accrediting the way energy trends are taking shape in India. Initially introduced to the market in 2004, CES India’s unique demand-response market initiative (energy efficiency and management) and it’s first voluntary demand program has propelled the mass adoption of energy storage. With a strong presence across the United States, Japan, and Mexico, CES’ India is aiming to boost the Indian energy paradigm.

CES is working with many distinct types of Commerical and Industrial (C&I) facilities including data centres, IT office & manufacturing facilities to manage their energy portfolio by strategic energy sourcing planning. This is achieved through open access, energy purchase contract support & execution, market analysis, renewable advisory & Renewable Purchase Obligation management provided by CES. CES also looks forward to help Multi National Companies and corporates in India in their EV fleet adoption journey & EV charging infrastructure set up for their employees & customers.

CES R&D services have been set up with the objective of promoting and providing industry-focused research and development services for performance improvement of advanced energy storage and conversion technologies. The R&D division is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and practical information regarding these technologies in an effort to aid industry clients in decision-making. CES is dedicated to solving technical challenges encountered by various industry clients while deploying its operating energy storage and conversion technologies for e-mobility and stationary applications using a wide range of battery testing services and domain expertise. Additionally, CES also works actively to promote industry-academia collaboration for propelling the commercialization of lab-scale technologies.

With a mission towards enabling India to become a global leader in research, manufacturing, and adoption of advanced energy storage, microgrid, and e-mobility technologies by 2022, CES has established the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) – a knowledge-sharing platform in 2012 to contribute to the development of policy frameworks for the adoption of energy storage and e-mobility technologies in India. CES has been closely working with government bodies, policymakers, global industry stakeholders, think tanks, and associations to make the energy sector self-reliant and establishing it’s recognized as the “champion” sector.

CES Emerging Technologies (ET) India team has worked with a wide range of domestic and international clients. ET India team has helped over 100 clients in the last seven years with market advisory, strategy consulting, investment advisory, technology due-diligence and product development. The CES ET team has also developed best practices and algorithm development for energy management in electric vehicle charging station, battery management and energy management systems.

Foreseeing the energy storage market to grow exponentially Dr Rahul Walawalkar, MD and President, Customized Energy Solutions India added, “The global electrical energy storage is estimated to multiply six times between 2016 and 2030. India along with the USA and Japan is anticipated to install 50% of energy storage systems by 2030. India’s strategy to have 100% EVs by 2030 alone can make a $300 billion market for EV batteries in India. With our comprehensive consultancy and dedicated Market Intelligence service, we have been enabling hundreds of companies from around the world to stay abreast of the market guidelines and regulations to serve future market needs. With our expertise, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem for advanced energy storage and EV technologies and make India a global hub for R&D and manufacturing in this space.”

Customized Energy Solutions Ltd. has been recognized regionally and nationally for its impressive and sustained growth. The company is a pioneer in boosting deregulated electricity markets in the US and aims to replicate the same success in India.