DB Life Sciences LLP Launches the world’s first & only patented liquid based anti pollution product- Curol+

New Delhi: Gurugram based start-up DB Life Sciences LLP has launched its revolutionary liquid-based anti pollution product – Curol+ in India. Curol+ reduces the PM levels and the harmful particles by 65% in just 7 days from the air.

Curol+ delivers a powerful chemical-free liquid-based anti-pollution product that aims to ‘CURE ALL’ dust and air pollution related problems by removing the air-borne particles inside the room which carry viruses and infections along the dust mites. It transforms the floors into a giant air filter and diminishes dust levels.

A daily Mop 1-2 times a day with Curol+, guarantees a minimum reduction of fine particulate air pollution PM 2.5 & PM 10 and helps reduce pollution up to 65% in just 7 days.

Speaking of the Product, Dhruv Bhatnagar , CEO , DB Life Sciences LLP, said, “We are very happy to debut in the Indian market – Curol+, a timely innovation that can help save many lives amidst Global Air Pollution menace. Air purifiers don’t have a high efficiency and don’t treat the air wholly thus Curol+ fills the gap. Curol+ transforms the floors it’s applied on into a giant air filter and diminishes dust levels indoors and outdoors thus reducing the chance of transmission of COVID-19. In one week it reduces fine particulate air pollution PM 2.5 & PM 10, dust and mites found in Air Pollution – which is the one of the main causes of deaths as researched by Harvard University.”

This innovation is a patented, tested and proven solution for treating bad air quality and has been created and invented by DB Life Sciences LLP’in collaboration with Scandinavian – the Danish Technological Institute, Akon, Rockwool and Statens Serum Institute in response to the global pandemic.

“We are committed to unilaterally support India’s war on air pollution and the National Clean Air Program (NCAP). India is a strategic market for us and we have established a manufacturing plant in Gurugram, Haryana, which reaffirms our commitment India’s Vision – “Make in India, make for the World.” Bhatnagar added.

Supporting 6 UN Sustainability goals as a brand, Curol+ is food safe (FSSAI Tested), bio- degradable, organic and sustainable, Curol+ guarantees a minimum 65% better air both indoor and outdoor in 7 days.

Curol+ DB Life Sciences is developing a real time IoS & Android app which will give users accurate and continuous access to the indoor air quality and other allied parameters at all times as part of a specific package along with the monitor.

Curol+ Anti Pollutant Liquid (2 Litres) is being offered at an introductory price of MRP of INR 2,299 and is available on major e-commerce sites such as Amazon. This is enough for 2 months for an average household of 1000 square feet – 1500 square feet with daily usage.