Decentro Launches fully RBI-Compliant Next-Gen Payment Aggregator stack for India

Bangalore, 23May 2024: Decentro, India’s leading fintech infrastructure platform, proudly announces the launch of its next-generation Payment Stack (Flow 2.0). The stack is designed to seamlessly address businesses’ expansive payment needs, delivering high performance, unwavering compliance, and utmost security. It marks a significant move to continue transforming digital payment solutions with enhanced efficiency and reliability while simplifying businesses’ integration and operation of their day-to-day payment collections.

According to industry reports, the Indian payment market is estimated at USD 357.51 billion in 2024. It is expected to reach USD 814.42 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 17.90% during the forecast period (2024- 2029). However, today, merchants and financial institutions find it a growing challenge to simplify the integration process and comply with regulations .

“This milestone couldn’t come at a more opportune moment as we complete our 4 years of operations as one of India’s leading fintech infrastructure providers. Since inception, our goal has been to streamline the most intricate financial processes for businesses across the spectrum, and the introduction of the Flow 2.0 stack underscores this commitment. Witnessing a remarkable 300% growth in our customers’ transactions in just the past 12 months stands as a testament to our product quality and differentiation in solutions.” – Rohit Taneja, Co-founder and CEO of Decentro.

“We are focused on providing businesses with a robust, secure, and fully compliant solution that addresses their diverse payment requirements and significantly elevates operational efficiency. To put things in perspective, we see a ~30% reduction in operational costs and a 3X reduction in time to market amongst our merchants by switching to our digital payments stack, recurring payments via e-NACH & UPI Autopay, as well as our automated reconciliation system” – Pratik Daudkhane, Cofounder.

Flow 2.0 will help enterprises sharpen their focus on critical features, including exceptional performance through fast and reliable transaction processing and complete RBI compliance to ensure operations within frameworks. This stack also provides enhanced security with top-tier measures to protect sensitive data and unmatched stability built on a solid infrastructure that minimizes downtime for continuous, uninterrupted business operations.

Flow currently empowers payments for customers like Shiprocket, Kodo, Volopay, etc., with unique advantages such as industry-best success rates and lowest downtimes, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximised business efficiency. It supports faster go-to-market strategies with rapid deployment capabilities, enabling 10X improvement overall in Capex and Opex combined.

With this development, Decentro aims to empower categories such as BFSI, Logistics, Online Marketplaces, and fintech/SaaS platforms. In under four years, the Decentro group has rapidly built a full-stack fintech infrastructure platform that provides solutions to more than 800 companies, including Freo (MoneyTap), CashE, Muthoot Capital, Credit Fair, Shiprocket, Protium Finance, and many more. With critical pillars of customer experience, innovation, and compliance, Decentro currently has 40+ deep APIs, SDKs & automated workflows catering to the entire value chain of a company’s financial infrastructure needs across payments, identity, and credit.