Deciding Whether to Get a Used or New Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

If you are in manufacturing, a hydraulic press might be at the top of your wish list. You can use them for metal operations, such as punching, forming, blanking, molding, clinching, and so forth. You will probably use yours every day, and you might need several of them if you have a whole warehouse designed to pump out products very rapidly.

The real question if you’re in this position is whether getting brand-new or used hydraulic presses makes the most sense. There are strong arguments for either option. In this article, we’ll break down the conventional thinking that could lead you to purchase either used or new ones.

The Argument for a New Hydraulic Press

When you’re looking at the new vs. used hydraulic press argument, the first thing to understand is that brand-new hydraulic presses will almost always cost more. This stands to reason since buying virtually anything brand-new will cost more than purchasing it used. It’s the same with cars or anything else where you have the option of purchasing used versions.

However, if you buy brand-new, there is much less of a chance of them breaking down. Any machine can break down after enough time passes, especially if you don’t take care of it like you should. As long as you care for them, though, you should get longer usable lives from brand-new hydraulic presses.

On a related note, if you buy brand-new ones, you should get longer warranties. If anything happens to your new hydraulic press, and it’s still under the factory warranty, you can repair or replace it with no issues. If you buy a used one, you might not be able to get any warranty at all or only a limited one.

The Argument for Used Hydraulic Presses

If you want to buy used hydraulic presses for your manufacturing needs, the biggest mark in favor of this is that you can get them considerably cheaper. If you find a company that’s willing to sell you some used ones, you can probably get a better price than if you bought them brand-new.

This is likely your best bet if you don’t have a ton of money to spend at the moment. Manufacturing companies that are just trying to get off the ground might look at this as their best way forward.

Of course, they might run into the same problem that we just mentioned: you’re not getting a warranty, or you’re getting only a limited one. A used machine of any kind probably does not have as long of an operational life left as a brand-new one. A breakdown is certainly possible at some point.

You can try to put that off by taking meticulous care of your hydraulic presses, even if you bought them used. Frankly, you should do that regardless of whether you bought them used or new.

Which Way Should You Go?

Ultimately, it’s each manufacturer’s decision whether buying new or used equipment makes the most sense. You’ll often find that manufacturing companies that are starting out or are not in the best financial shape are the ones who opt for used equipment.

If you buy used, you can save money, but it’s more of a crapshoot. One thing is certain: if you are going to buy used, you should certainly bring in a hydraulic press expert to examine each of the units you’re purchasing. They can notify you if anything appears suspicious.

If you are going to buy used, you should also research the company from which you’re buying. If they have a great online reputation and lots of reputable company feedback, you should feel a bit better about buying from them. If you look around and see they have mostly negative reviews, you should look into some other options.

If you decide to buy new, but the higher price tag for brand-new equipment seems prohibitive to you, you can also ask about a discount if you purchase several units. While you may have to pay one price for a single hydraulic press, the company might cut you a break if you buy several of them.

Whether you buy used or new, it’s often helpful to establish a personal relationship with the company or sales rep with whom you are doing business. It could very well be that you will buy from them again at some point down the line, and you’ll want them to remember that you’re a good customer.

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