Diwali is the best time to buy your dream home

Diwali is the best time to buy your dream home

Mr Abdullah, COO, 1 OAK

There is no denying that investing in the realty sector barely goes wrong, as they mostly yield handsome returns. For those who invest or plan to do so, the belief that Diwali is a favorable time to invest in the real estate sector must be reaffirmed. As we all know that Diwali is an auspicious festival deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of our country, it brings with itself many new hopes — of prosperity, happiness and all-round positivity. Since by its very nature, the real estate segment signifies wealth and prosperity, many interested customers consider Diwali an ideal time for buying their new house. Another reason behind this is the fact that the festive season also comes with perks & bonuses for working people resulting in higher expendable income for the prospective customers thereby better enabling them to make a final decision towards purchasing their dream home. The following constitute some of the key factors owing to which this festive time is considered as an ideal time for everyone to buy their dream home.

Auspicious occasion: Do the customers wait for a favourable time when it comes to buying a dream home? Yes. Given the auspicious nature of the festival associated with several Gods and deities also symbolising the triumph of good over evil, socio-culturally speaking, it makes perfect sense to invest in something so important during the festival. Therefore this is the moment that they may have been waiting for long to realize and own their desired property. People also see this as a time for a fresh start, new developments and initiating more important events in their personal or professional lives. In addition, how can they forget about discounts and festive offers that could lead them to really impressive and profitable purchases! So, they must go for the real estate developers with great offers, but shouldn’t  forget to check the developers’ track record and past reputation in terms of quality, timely delivery and overall reliability.

Attractive Offers: During festive seasons, we can easily see various discounts & offers being rolled out to attract the customers. This helps and motivates the home buyers to buy their homes at right prices. Real estate developers roll out several offers and schemes to entice their customers like zero stamp duty, home appliances, cashback, no EMIs, or lesser interest rates, among many others.


Launch of new projects: The festive season also gives rise to many new and impressive projects. This is the time when real estate developers target middle-class people in a big way with an eye on maximizing their profits in times of slowdown. That said, from the customer standpoint, this is just the time when they can consider several property options at very affordable prices.

So if you are planning to buy your dream home, what are you waiting for? Diwali is just the right time!