DronaHQ Low-code platform helps convert Google sheets into applications

DronaHQ, the enterprise-grade low-code platform, in its latest platform update, announced new Google Sheets API Connectors. Re-inventing enterprise application integrations with Low code approach, the latest API connectors will be a significant feature that will allow users to be instantly more productive with ready to use API connectors without removing the ability for pro and citizen developers to write custom code when required.

Sharing his views on how this will enable enterprises to leap into digital transformation, Divyesh Kharade, Co-founder and CEO of DronaHQ said, “For a lot of business owners, this integration could be the start of their digital transformation journeys. Google Sheets is widely used across small, medium and large organizations. Google sheets as a database can be overwhelming because of the abundance of data. Entering new data, updating rows and obtaining analytics is not a secured approach and prone to manual errors. Now, with business customers looking to automate their everyday processes, the new Google Sheet connector will enable them to pull values, insert and update values, and search for values in those sheets while in a more enterprise-friendly fashion.”

A great example of where the Google Sheet connectors can come in handy is inventory tracking and distribution. With a simple app-based interface the distribution team can quickly capture orders while the inventory gets updated in real-time without direct edit access given to the team. The distributors also save time as they don’t have to navigate through 100+ rows of data.

Among the workflows that can be automated using the low code tool are team approvals, project management, inventory tracking, driver dispatch, and accounting, DronaHQ said. Companies that are seeking to leverage user-friendly and rapid tech solutions can create a cohesive system for the entire organization including SaaS-based solutions like Google Sheets as well as legacy and line-of-business applications and databases.

The low-code app development platform also offers a host of other API and DB connectors like Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Services, JIRA, Quickbooks, Shopify, MongoDB, MySQL that allow its customers to leverage their existing tech stack in a versatile fashion. According to DronaHQ, their platform integrations also come with security configurations that allow admin users to control users who can access the APIs and the data along with it.

“Now the opportunity to innovate and launch highly specific, role-based interfaces is becoming easier by the day. With multiple business users sharing parts of a function, common tools with custom fields will enable different stakeholders to continue their jobs and interact with the shared data without overlaps,” added Divyesh.

DronaHQ’s capacity to build a range of applications—from ERP to field inspections and customized customer service portals— combined with Google Sheet’s easy to understand interface, will further empower digitalization of business operations across industries like retail and warehousing, financial services, employee data management and healthcare.