Dukaan launches new feature to revolutionize contactless digital payments among 2.7 million small merchants

India:Make in India app Dukaan  announced that it has added another new feature in its app. The feature will now enable over 2.7 million sellers to collect contactless payments from their customers.

With the help of Dukaan’s new online payment feature, merchants will be able to integrate their bank account and UPI Id and collect payment for their goods/services seamlessly. This feature aims to revolutionize how business is done. Most of the similar solutions that enable “online payments” for the merchant work on a credit period of 7 or 14 days to settle the payment but with Dukaan, the sellers can get instant payment for their products/services. Furthermore, there are no processing charges that either party has to pay, making it an ideal choice for both sellers and buyers. This addition also makes the payments more transparent.

Talking about the new feature, Suumit Shah, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of Dukaan said, “At Dukaan, we are committed to offering easy-to-use technology-led solutions that will help our merchants to start, run, and grow their business. With the launch of this feature, we are already seeing over 13% of the end customers are choosing “online payment” as a mode of payment while placing their orders on the digital storefronts created by our merchants.

Dukaan was launched in July 2020 and helped in rescuing many businesses that were on the brink of shutting down due to the lockdown that was imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. In nutshell, the app helps local stores to sell their wares online.In a short period, Dukaan has become the most preferred app for small merchants. It has won over more than 2.7 million merchants and clocked more than 4.86 million downloads. The best part about the Dukaan app is that it is extremely simple to operate especially for non-technical people.

Dukaan has enabled local stores to become digital and use social media channels to sell their products or services using their smartphone. All a ‘dukandaar’ needs to do is download the app and then register their business. This process takes less than 30 seconds literally. Each seller gets a custom store link where they can showcase all their products or services and the link of the store can be shared with customers using WhatsApp or any other social media platforms for direct orders. Recently, it has witnessed 4.3 million downloads in just six months.

About Dukaan®:

Dukaan® is a platform that allows merchants to start, grow and run their business online. It makes it easier for merchants from non-technical backgrounds to start their e-commerce website within 30 seconds using a smartphone while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers.