East Delhi Municipal Corporation in Association with SBI-Card and Payment Service Ltd. and Indian Pollution Control Association Inaugurates Material Recovery Facility in Shahdara South Zone

Indian Pollution Control Association

New Delhi, 1 July 2021: Plastics are the backbone of globalization and the enabler of modern lives; they are present in our everyday items like the toothbrush or credit cards. But their environmentally safe disposal is becoming increasingly problematic. Currently, India is estimated to generate 26,000 tonnes of plastic every day which consists of 80% recyclable plastic and 20% non-recyclable multi-layer plastic. However, only 30% of the plastic is recycled while the rest is often found littered on the roads or in drains contaminating our surroundings.

To tackle the issue of disposal of plastic waste; East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), SBI-Card and Payment Services Ltd., and Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) collaborated in a unique association to establish a Material Recovery Facility or a Dry Waste Collection Center in the Heart of East Delhi, as a part of SBI-Card’s CSR Initiatives. The facility is the first of its kind innovative approach for developing a sustainable value chain for collection, segregation, and thereafter channelization of plastic waste for recycling to enable a circular economy for dry waste.

The Dry Waste Collection Center has been established at Ward No. 21E, Shahdara South Zone, Geeta Colony Delhi, and the facility were inaugurated on the 29th of June, 2021 by SH. Sandeep Kapoor, Counsellor, Krishna Nagar, and SH. Vikas Anand, Commissioner, East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) in the presence of Mr. Ashish Jain, Founder. Director IPCA and representatives from SBI Card. The inauguration ceremony was followed by a tour of the facility for the dignitaries.

Sh. Sandeep Kapoor appreciated the collaborative model for plastic waste management and Sh. Vikas Anand added that more such collaborative efforts were required in society to make a difference on the ground in the domain of waste management.
Mr. Jain as director of IPCA pledged to continue such efforts along with sensitization of the public towards the problems of incorrect disposal of waste and encourage more households to segregate waste for effective recycling.

The Dry waste Collection center is ready for operations and has a capacity of handling 2 Metric Tonnes of dry waste per day. The main function of the facility is to segregate dry waste into different categories and then compact the segregated waste to reduce the volume of waste. The operations are semi-mechanized and two types of machinery are used to conduct operations. First is a semi-automatic Segregation Conveyor Platform, used for segregation of waste which can be operated simultaneously by up to six people, to segregate different grades and/or categories of dry waste. The second is a Vertical Hydraulic Baler, used for compaction of waste into bales. The machine utilizes hydraulic pressure and can compact waste items like paper, plastic, cartons, cloths into compact bales of 20 kg to 150 kg. The segregation and compaction process help reduce the cost of storage and transportation and aid the ineffective recycling of waste.

The recycling of waste can be done through an authorized recycler or at the upcoming recycling facility to be established in the next part of the project. The recycling facility will then develop consumer products from recycled plastic waste for completing the circular value chain.

About Indian Pollution Control Association
IPCA is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with a nationwide presence. IPCA has worked in various fields, including solid waste management, air quality management, education, livelihood, etc., networking with a diverse range of stakeholders. This diversity has helped the organization in widening its scope of work and impact. And over the years, the organization has successfully provided sustainable solutions to corporate, industries, educational institutes, and residential colonies in the domain of Solid Waste management. It has reached out to both public and private sectors to sensitize them about the importance of incorporating issues of environmental considerations and self-sustainability into project and policy development for a Greener India. IPCA is enlisted with Central Pollution Control Board at the national level and was recognized as the first PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) for executing EPR Action for Plastic Waste Management by CPCB at the pan India level. IPCA has established a Dry Waste Collection Centre for effective plastic waste management in 24 States/UTs and collected over 10,000 MT of plastic waste/month with the help of waste collectors and scrap dealers. IPCA has created a network of more than 10,000 waste collectors/scrap dealers across the Country for the sustainable supply chain of waste commodities.

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