EdTech Startup Bada Business Expands Workforce by Almost 300% in post COVID Economy

Bada Business

New Delhi: With apost COVID surge in digital learning, EdTech startup Bada Business expanded its workforce by almost 300 per cent this financial year, adding over 300 employees to its workforce across the country.

The EdTech platform offers a series of online business training and skilling programmes for small entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. Founded by renowned motivational speaker and business trainer Dr Vivek Bindra in 2019, Bada Business is a rare case of a bootstrapped startup crossing Rs 100 crore in revenue within two years of starting up.

With COVID 19 giving a major impetus to online learning and boosting the need for entrepreneurs to upskill and train themselves, Bada Business witnessed a surge in demand for its courses and programmes. The startup is now on a major expansion spree with particular focus on establishing new branch offices in Tier II and Tier III cities.

In line with its expansion plans, the startup hired as many as 330 new employees in 2020, increasing its workforce by almost 300 per cent.

“In a post COVID environment not only has digital learning witnessed a boost, there has also been a surge in requirement for up-skilling and business training for entrepreneurs looking to adapt their businesses to the new normal. “At Bada Business, we have witnessed a soaring demand for our business skilling courses and programmes particularly from the MSME sector. We are responding to this surge by increasing our presence across the country and expanding our workforce. We have gone up from 120 employee organisation in early 2020 to as many as 450 employees today registering an almost 300 per cent increase in workforce within a year,” said Dr Vivek Bindra, Founder and CEO, Bada Business.

The organization is further continuing its hiring process this year as it plans to open 75 new branch offices in the country.

The EdTech sector which was already experiencing impressive growth even in pre COVID times received a major boost in the post COVID world as digital learning became a norm rather than the exception. In India, the EdTech sector grew beyond the traditional K 12 learning bracket with professionals and senior students taking to upskilling themselves through digital courses and programmes.

Bada Business offers a series of digital business learning courses ranging from 2 months to 2 years. The platform has sought to create an alternative business education and training program for people who are unable to access formal management education. It offers the requisite business skills and knowledge to help small and medium enterprises in scaling up and reinventing their businesses.

The platform became a trusted mentor for thousands of small entrepreneurs who faced survival challenges during the lockdown period. Bada Business conducted a series of digital training programmes in 2020 to train entrepreneurs in adapting to the changing business needs of the time. During this time, Bada Business bagged 5 coveted Guinness World Records by conducting online business lessons across various categories

Bada Business offers the world’s most affordable management education program and has over 75,000 paid users.

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