Ensuring Enterprise Security Goes Easier, TAC Security’s ESOF AppSec Vulnerability Assessment tool gets listed on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace

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TAC Security, a global leader in vulnerability management, protecting Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises, and governments around the world, announces it is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Its presence on the digital catalogue will enable AWS customers a seamless experience in deploying cybersecurity brand’s flagship Enterprise Security on One Framework (ESOF) platform-ESOF-AppSec. This will make TAC Security solutions available on a subscription-based model without the need of personnel for deployment amongst organizations.

This comes as a positive development for the organizations grappling to ensure a secure teleworking process at a time when cyber-attacks and the threat to classified data are plaguing the digital space. ESOF uses cutting-edge AI-powered algorithms to track and accurately find vulnerabilities in Enterprise IT infrastructure and web-based applications with zero downtime to provide real-time security insights and solutions. It provides context and insight about each vulnerability, including trends, predictions, and potential solutions and gives a categorical overview for all the project domains on a single, consolidated dashboard.

ESOF-AppSec is now also available on AWS Marketplace via three subscription plans viz. Basic, Advanced, and Premium, at different price points, depending upon the number of users. A subscription-based model will facilitate a contactless implementation of the solution, eliminating the need of on-site personnel to deploy the service amidst the social distancing landscape. However, the plans also allow remote assistance, if the need be. The move will further facilitate better visibility as well as a rapid and deeper market reach to TAC Security via a simple subscription process with AWS Marketplace.

ESOF AppSec platform rapidly and accurately finds vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications. The continues scanning allows checking the vulnerabilities in your web app as it evolves. Also, it can safely scan on your production server without the need for a separate environment (If not available) that saves time and cost without zero downtime. During the manual penetration testing, TAC Security engineers ensure to identify Business Logic Flaw which helps to reduce the risk of your business. ESOF Score measure the cybersecurity maturity of each application with an AI algorithm for better understating for management.

Speaking about the announcement, Trishneet Arora, Founder and CEO of TAC Security said, “Getting listed at AWS Marketplace will only speed up our customers’ journey in crisis-proofing their organizations against the ever-evolving threats of cyber-attacks. Besides, this is the first-of-its-kind, subscription-based ESOF-AppSec offering that our customers can now avail. It will allow more enterprises to join in and test our state-of-the-art products under the unique challenge of remote working. We are confident that it will empower more SMEs and large enterprises with its flexible operating model.”