Entrepreneurs need to establish unique solutions in the marketplace” says N. R. Narayana Murthy

Mumbai, February 2023: “Today the funding has dried up therefore our entrepreneurs need to realize that the threshold for obtaining funding has been raised and now entrepreneurs need to establish unique solutions in the marketplace. Once it is established, there will be enough venture capitalists interested to look at those ideas ”Infosys co-founder and former chairman, N. R. Narayana Murthy said here today.

He further added, “An idea which has true value in India and is handled by the entrepreneurs who have the desire to control the cost, they will soon reach a positive cash flow situation.”

Speaking at the second edition of the “Ideas of India” Summit, Murthy said, “The only instrument a country has to enhance for the prosperity of the country or to improve the income of its citizens is to work hard, to show discipline, have high aspiration, imbibe some values and perform because performance leads to recognition and that leads to respect and that further leads to economic power. Economic power is the foundation of all other powers. If you do economically well as a nation then you will eventually be powerful. So, youngsters should realize that performance is the only instrument they have.”