Experience the Magic of Music as Vidushi Kala Ramnath performs In Pune on 11th December, 2022

Kala Ramnath

Pune, December 2022: Vidushi Kala Ramnath, the singing violinist will be performing at a concert in Pune at M.E.S. Auditorium (Bal Shikshan Mandir School Campus).

The concert has been organized by Annapurna Devi Foundation and Acharya Allauddin Music Circle Along with Kala Ramnath the other Artists performing are Vidushi Manjari Kelkar (Singer), Pandit Suyog Kundalkar (Harmonium), Pandit Bharat Kamath (Tabla) and Sri Ojas Adhiya (Tabla).

Among the finest and most inspirational instrumentalists in the world is Maestro Kala Ramnath. Her playing can be heard on the Miles from India project, which has been nominated for a Grammy, and her compositions can indeed be heard on the Grammy-winning album “In 27 Pieces” and the Kronos Quartet’s 50 For the Future.

On performing at the Shastriya Sangeet Mehfil Kala Ramnath says “The ability to play the music that you really have a special connection to and that reflects who you are as a person is far more important than mere technical ability. Perfection is in itself limited – the message should take us beyond perfection.”

Kala Ramnath often conducts seminars and conducts talks across the world. The Rotterdam Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands, the University of Giessen in Germany, and the Weill Institute in partnership with Carnegie Hall in New York are a few institutions worth mentioning. Her organization, “Kalashree,” is devoted to using music to enhance the lives of sick and poor children.