Expert view on Anarock Report | Housing Prices Rise

Mr. Ravi Aggarwal, Co-founder & Managing Director of Signature Global (India) Ltd.

“Property prices have surged in the last few years, driven by various factors such as increased input and construction costs, rising land prices, and heightened demand. Moreover, there is a noticeable shift in homebuyer preferences towards larger homes with enhanced amenities, contributing to the upward trajectory of prices. Despite these increases, the industry has successfully absorbed the higher costs, and demand remains substantial.

Aspirations are now high, especially among the growing middle class, and working-class individuals are seeking value homes from branded developers. These homes offer not only more amenities and living space but also meet the evolving expectations of modern living. We have observed a trend where customers are inclined to invest in homes that provide a combination of modern amenities, timely delivery, and the right location offerings from branded developers.”