Father’s Day special: Children have become the modern-day teacher of their parents

While a mother starts to bond with her child through her womb, a father had to wait nine months to meet and get to know his child. It is said that anyone can be a father, but it takes a lot of effort to be a “dad”. They are like a security blanket, secure and safe, under which a child continues to grow. When we wish something, we ask our dad. No sooner than that, he gives us what we want as if he possesses some sort of a magic wand by which he fulfills all our wishes. A father leaves no stone unturned to give his children a good life. In the past few decades, the relationship between parents and children has taken a new turn. In fact, in this new era of technology, many parents feel uncomfortable. But, with their quick thinking, the young generation is giving their parents a “fast-track life”. In this era of internet and applications, children are acting as the right hand of their parents, especially their fathers.

Coordination between two generations

Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder of PR24x7, Country’s one of the renowned PR firms says that “The new generation has now become a protective technical shield for their father. Nowadays, children are introducing their parents to so many things in the modern world both, socially and emotionally. Whether it is the use of technical gadgets or giving them a taste of the “yo-yo” life of today’s youth, children are guiding their parents to a new way of life.” Parents today are finding it hard to adjust themselves with the new technologies. They need the assistance of their kids to learn about them. In every way, children have become Modern Guru for their parents. On one hand, a father teaches his child the lessons of life while on the other hand, a child introduces him to the world of digitalization.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, PR24x7 has started a campaign #supportingdigitallifestyle #Mychild where they are inviting people to share their memories with their father in the form of pictures and stories. The best content will be shared on various digital platforms. Prior to this, the organization has started another campaign, #NanikiPathshaala, where parents were encouraged to send their children to their grandparents to help them get lessons in life. With schools and other educational institutions closed down due to the pandemic, their academics were getting affected. The aim of the organization was to encourage children to spend time with their grandparents to learn valuable lessons in life.

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