FieldAssist Unveils ModMart, a Deep Analytics Platform for Acing In-Store Execution for CPG Brands

FieldAssist Unveils ModMart, a Deep Analytics Platform for Acing In-Store Execution for CPG Brands

FieldAssist, a SaaS-based sales and distribution platform that connects CPG brands with the wider value-chain digitally, today unveiled its technology platform for consumer brands who operate in organized modern trade outlets. The platform is aimed at enabling brands to plan and drive successful in store execution of products using real-time actionable insights derived from advanced analytics.

Organized Retail has grown exponentially in the last five years increasing its contribution from 3% to 15% in CPG Sales for the rural market and up to 30% for urban. With the growing influence of Organized Retail, brands are increasingly looking to ace their in-store execution and expand their foothold in organized retail. To ensure brands’ strong foothold is established, maintained and monitored, ModMart stands firm on four pillars of merchandising, namely availability, visibility, placement and tracking.

Nikhil Patwari, Product Head at FieldAssist said, “In major economies, consumer brands with growing modern trade presence are already deploying digital-first approach, ensuring technology not only records data but offers actionable insights. ModMart is enabling brands to achieve efficiency in planning the shelf-space, stock, promotions and analyzing performance in real-time. All with smart technologies like image recognition, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We are excited to unfold this tech revolution in the modern trade space for consumer brands where turnaround time of acting upon exceptions is not days, as previously accepted cadence, but mere minutes.”

The platform provides real-time data on product’s sales and availability so brands can plan stock deliveries in advance. With technology powered display-audit campaigns run on the platform, brands can ensure that products are placed on the right shelf, at right eye-level to ensure maximum sales. Simultaneously, monitor execution adherence of paid visibility elements such as danglers and flow stack. Image recognition technology comes built-in, enabling brands to measure impact of planogram, take immediate actions on stores with declining share of shelf and ensure high-visibility product placement to increase purchase decisions from buyers. Brands can stay in proximity to the market dynamics with the platform by learning the spread of their competition across stores and getting ready analysis on freshness of stock in comparison to offer prices.

Paramdeep Singh Anand, CEO at FieldAssist said, “Offline marketing, especially in organized retail, comes at a very high investment but with limited scope to track, record and analyze the performance in real-time. Because the marketplace is evolving every day, brands cannot afford to miss a single opportunity due to lack of data or delay in insights. ModMart dives deeply into core problems of the market and offers sustainable and innovative solutions that deliver instant results, particularly in the form of ready insights on performance of promotions, products and strategies.”