Fintech companies that are helping people during the pandemic


Here is the list of 4 must-have fin-tech apps that will save you from financial issues during the pandemic.

1. Paytm: One97 Communication was founded in 2000 by Vijay Shekar Sharma, who launched Paytm in 2010. Paytm is currently one of the leading digital payments companies in India and processed over 1.2 Bn monthly transactions across offline and online payments as well as financial services in February 2021. The company claims to have over 150 Mn monthly active users across its financial services.

Paytm has recently introduced a new feature in their application through which people can track their COVID-19 vaccines slots. The new feature is available for Paytm users, who can scroll down to the ‘Discover with Paytm’ or ‘Mini App store’ section and find the ‘Vaccine Finder’ Feature.

2. CRED: CRED is an Indian fintech startup and unicorn, based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, which was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah. CRED’s main feature is allowing users to make credit card payments through its app for which they get rewarded. CRED is a members only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time. CRED members get access to exclusive rewards and experiences from premier brands upon clearing their credit card bills on CRED.

Credit card payments app CRED outlined reasons for fast-tracking launches of its instant credit line feature Stash and RentPay, a feature through which CRED members could pay a recurring expense on credit – amidst a pandemic and the nationwide lockdown.

3. is a Gurugram based FinTech startup founded by Rashoo Kame and Gaurav Kumar in April 2020. In a nation where nearly 70% of employees live paycheck to paycheck, Valyu has set out to reduce employee financial stress by providing employers with a holistic approach that addresses financial wellbeing issues at its core. Valyu.AI offers companies a chance to provide their employees with the power to choose how & when they wish to grow financially. Our financial products are tailor-made for modern-day employees. is leveraging AI and Machine Learning to provide advanced salary solutions that can help companies alleviate their employees’ financial worries by providing them early access to their earnings & help companies create a financial care framework. proposes to render 100% digital and automated experiences to all its clients and users. Their algorithm is based on AI and ML. The ML-based rules engine works 24×7 to monitor the risk profiles of their existing customers. The systems look at each customer individually and work to provide a product configuration that can meet the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

4. Zaggle: Zaggle was founded in 2011 by Raj. N, a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor with a vision to become a global digital bank. Zaggle is a fintech company offering digitized solutions for expense management, employee tax benefits, rewards & recognition programs and corporate gifting and incentives, empowering organizations to spend smarter and increase employee engagement, morale and productivity, resulting in a happy and satisfied workforce.
Zaggle has been getting multiple queries for parking cards which are contactless to eliminate physical touch, where organizations have thought of leveraging upon the lockdown period to set-up an infrastructure where it can be rolled out as soon as the lockdown is over. These cards can be topped up with cashbacks and reward points to increase its penetration.