Firefly Fire Pumps secures Seven Intellectual Property Rights

Pune, 15 June 2023: Firefly Fire Pumps Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of fire-safety pumps, received seven Intellectual Property (IP) registrations within the past six months for their versatile product range. These cutting-edge fire-fighting pumps, classified under Class 29-01 of Industrial Design Registration, are now safeguarded against counterfeiting, ensuring market authenticity and bolstering Firefly’s reputation.

The registered IP encompasses a range of high-impact products that can lift from depths of 7 meters within a remarkable 24 seconds, making them exceptionally effective in fire emergencies. With a compact and lightweight design, these pumps can be easily transported. Renowned clients such as The Indian Army, Indian Oil, ONGC, Adani, Reliance, Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki, DLF, Pidilite and State Fire Services of Delhi, Mumbai, J&K, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Assam, Tripura, Odisha, Haryana, Rajasthan are already utilizing this exceptional product range, which is also attractively priced and economically accessible. Catering to both domestic and international markets, including the Government, PSUs, Corporate Sector, Construction, Mining, Hospitals, Hospitality sector, Chemical Plants, Breweries, and other establishments with even a 1% risk of fire outbreaks.

All Firefly pumps are engineered to surpass the highest standards in the fire protection industry. Incorporating premium materials such as aluminium, gunmetal, and stainless steel, these pumps ensure unparalleled reliability and durability. The pumps are designed to operate seamlessly in any situation, featuring hassle-free electric start as a standard feature, with rope start as a standby option.

Mr. Rohit Mali, Director of Firefly Fire Pumps Pvt. Ltd., said, “Fire-fighting pumps are critical life-saving equipment, and it is our duty as manufacturers to protect the market from substandard and counterfeit pumps. By registering the design of our comprehensive range of portable and vehicle-mounted fire-fighting products, we aim to ensure market authenticity. Our products are the result of intensive research and development, offering swift and effective responses to fire emergencies. At Firefly Fire Pumps, we strive to provide our clients with top-of-the-line equipment to address fire incidents rapidly and efficiently.”

Firefly Fire Pumps remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering reliable solutions to the prevailing fire safety challenges. With an expanding presence in India and abroad, Firefly Fire Pumps has successfully integrated its pumps into various organizations. Their products are unrivalled in quality, all while maintaining affordable prices.

Product Design Number Specifications
MFP 275-P 356393-001
  • Extremely compact in design & lightweight
  • Economical – 2.9-liter fuel tank sufficient for more than 1.5 hour
  • Priming performance from 7.0-meter depth
  • Weight: 36 kg
MFP 275-DM 356388-001
  • Extremely compact in design & lightweight
  • Economical – 9.0-liter fuel tank sufficient for more than 1.5 hour
  • Exhaust priming system
  • Capable of lifting from a 5-meter depth within 45 seconds
  • Flood Lamp
  • Weight: 80 Kg
MFP 800-P 356394-001
  • Extremely Compact in design & lightweight
  • Economical – 8.5-litre Fuel tank sufficient for more than 1.5 hour
  • Effortless priming system
  • Capable of lifting from a 7-meter depth within 24 seconds
  • Weight: 120 kg
MFP 1300-P (1300 LPM) 356395-001
  • Extremely Compact in design & lightweight
  • Economical – 11 litre Fuel tank sufficient for more than 1 hour
  • Effortless button-operated priming system
  • Capable of lifting from a 7-meter depth within 24 seconds
  • Weight: 120 kg
MFP 1300-P (1600 LPM) 356396-001
  • Extremely Compact & Light in Weight
  • Economical – Fuel Tank capacity sufficient to run the Pump for 1 hour
  • Flood lamp for night operations
Normal Pressure Vehicle Mounted Fire Pump 356391-001
  • Single Stage Centrifugal Fire Fighting Pumps
  • Equipped with Fast, Reliable & Fully Automatic Priming System – ‘E-Primatic.’
  • Specially designed maintenance-free mechanical seal
  • Modular Suction & Delivery Manifold Design makes it easy to install
  • Clockwise & Counterclockwise, both Rotations are available
High-Pressure Water Nozzle NXT200
  • Flow setting and spray patterns can be achieved in a split second merely by rotating the grip
  • Different spray patterns give increased extinguishing capacity with less water
  • Flushing of external impurities possible during operation
  • Reduced property damage and efficient use of available water and foam