Flagship Merchant Services Named Best Online Credit Card Processing Company by topcreditcardprocessors.com for February 2022


The independent authority on merchant services vendors, topcreditcardprocessors.com, has announced Flagship Merchant Services as the top-rated Online Credit Card Processing firm for the month of February 2022. Companies featured in the rankings have shown their ability to consistently offer exceptional online credit card processing services for their clientele. Thousands of merchant services companies offer services that provide positive solutions to their customers. The rankings highlight the online credit card processing companies that have been found to most consistently offer the best solutions for their customers.

The companies included in the rankings are each put through a meticulous evaluation process created by an internal research team based on research dating back to 2002. A set of evaluation criteria are used to benchmark and compare each of the top competing online credit card processing companies within the space across a set of five areas of evaluation. These five areas of evaluation include Rates, Reliability, Efficiency, Variance and Customer Support. Scoring is updated each month based on the latest developments within the merchant services space and how different vendors adapt to changes within industry.

In addition to the benchmarking and comparison phase, client reviews and testimonials are also considered to verify the claims of merchant service and online credit card processing companies competing within the rankings. Merchant services vendor’s clients are often encouraged to leave a review on the vendor’s profile to detail their experiences with their selected processing agency. Many buyers will also connect with the topcreditcardprocessors.com independent research team directly to voice their opinions or highlight a specific instance where they feel the vendor went above and beyond for them.

Based on the research conducted by the independent research team and client reception, Flagship Merchant Services has been named the top performing online credit card processing company for February 2022. Those looking for a consistent and exceptional online credit card processing company should consider Flagship Merchant Services.