Former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy among 36 HPS alumni explored Raunaq’s H.I.G.H. as part of HPS’s 100-year celebrations, at a high tea & more, hosted by Nawab Raunaq

Hyderabad, December 30, 2023: 36 H.P.S. school alumni visited recently Raunaq Yar Khan’s H.I.G.H.*/Highest In Greater Hyderabad* “, a man-made hill, which is taller than the city’s tallest ancient Naubat Pahad (the hill where Birla Mandir has come up), located on eight acres of the 80-acre private land estate on Road number 25 in Jubilee Hills. The large batch of guests, mostly from outside Hyd, were taken by surprise that such nature-friendly real estate still exists in the centre of this expensive IT Capital of India.

I live close to this place. I knew it, but never knew that it is so big said Kiran Kumar Reddy, former Chief Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, who visited Nb Raunaq to explore this mostly unexplored landmark of Hyderabad. This visit was in between the 100-year celebration of “Hyderabad Public School” at a High tea hosted by Nb. Raunaq for a large group of HPS alumni & their spouses.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, 60 years old, the creator of the hill, is a well-known citizen of Hyderabad and a distinguished personality who has recently been crowned the 9th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty by his vast royal family. He is presently the owner of the film set facility located on an 80-acre plot at Road No. 25, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Part of it is a man-made hill on 8 Acres, only one-of-a-kind in any urban area of the world.
In-city, bigger than all film facilities together.

Nizam Prince Raunaq Yar Khan is known for amazing family buildings and this man-made hill is known as H.I.G.H “Highest in Greater Hyderabad Hill”. Film wallahs know it is a ” Bhoot Bungala”. Many mega-budget films were shot at this place including ‘Rangasthalam’. Already on an elevated plateau, the hill is taller than Naubat Pahad. This place is the talk of the town now. On Google map, it is “Raunaq’s H.I.G.H. Man Made Hill”

It took me ten years to create this hill on an existing tall plateau. I have used moram(a sticky type of soil) so that it holds the embedded rocks. I had to put this place to use to protect it from land sharks, that won’t stop at anything to claim or grab it, Raunaq said.

Coincidentally the party venue, Raunaq’s Hill was the place frequented by Raunaq’s ancestor SultanUlMulk(who built some accommodation within existing air-raid shelters, before World War 2). Sultan-Ul-Mulk was the son of Sir Viqar(who built Falaknuma) & Lady Viqar/Jahandar-Un-Nisa, sister of Nizam 6th, who gifted more than 100 acres to the original “Jagirdars College”, presently Hyderabad Public School, from her private estate.

The tea party was organised to celebrate Christmas & New Year. Nawab Raunq Yar Khan has personally hosted huge exclusive celebrations of many religious festivals other than his own, like Divali and Sankranti for decades by inviting people to the same venue.0He is a sincere believer in the role of inter-religious harmony in a peaceful society, having been recognised and honoured for the same (which included his work as Delhi Police adviser)with a conferred doctorate.

The entire group including g members of the 1975 batch enjoyed the evening g was present. Dilip Chenoy, Former Secretary General of FICCI and a member of the batch was a guest and he coordinated with the group who came from all parts of India and the world.

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