Future of Tech Industry in the hospitality sector

Harshdeep Khatri, Chief Technology Officer, eZee Technosys
Harshdeep Khatri, Chief Technology Officer, eZee Technosys

By Harshdeep Khatri, Chief Technology Officer, eZee Technosys

Last year was tough for every industry and led us to unprecedented times leaving industries in an unpredictable situation – the hospitality and tech industry were no exception to it. Leading us to take different notes on running the business, As the social distancing was followed throughout the year, the involvement of technology has only helped industries to grow more.

It has become important for the industries these days to keep a track of the latest technology trends in the hospitality industry, but to move with the times, because the industry is highly competitive and those who do not adapt are left behind. Keeping your finger on the pulse is especially essential within the context of COVID, as the customer expectations and requirements are continually shifting, the operational cost of hotels continues to rise. Therefore adopting and integrating a digitized approach to its existing business has become the need of the hour. The hotel technology will be playing a very important role and it only going to increase in coming years

The term “cloud” has become the new favorite word of the industries, but still, certain hoteliers are uncertain when they hear the term. Indeed, moving to the cloud can be challenging and overwhelming but if you bring it to great proficiency in your business to your hotel operations, streamline day-to-day functioning and have happier guests, then, cloud technology is your answer. The current and future impact of cloud-based solutions is huge: it’s revolutionizing the way hoteliers run their businesses and interact with their customers.

Cloud-based hotel management systems – or, simply put, systems hosted by the vendor’s server rather than the hotel’s – give hoteliers a single, scalable system from which to manage every aspect of their hotel business. Think managing your hotel front desk, restaurant, reservations, and accounts from one application on your computer.

While the concept and history of cloud computing are fascinating, you do need to understand it in depth. Let’s also look at some of the most recent trends in the sector –

–          Cloud Migration – This is going to happen, sooner than the industry thinks.

–          Service Automation & Personalization – Automation and personalization continue to be a major trend in the sector. New ways of tailored digital interaction such as personalized email marketing, AI-powered chatbots, and other automated services to remove any language barriers, thereby improving the guest experience.

–          Digitized Guest Experiences & Contactless Technology – This is definitely accelerated by the pandemic. From unmanned self-check in kiosk, digital keys on guests; own smartphones, motion sensors, facial recognitions, to voice-activated appliances, hotels will increasingly offer safe and contactless guest experiences. 

–          Safety & Hygiene– The importance of safety and hygiene is at an all-time high. Hotels will have to maintain transparent communication with the guests about the measures they take. And to ensure that, efficient technology would be crucial.      

–          Predictive Analytics – Knowledge is Power. Technology – software and devices – will enable hotels to collect more data on how guests interact with the hotel during their stay. Their profiles can then be saved and used to personalize the offerings and services provided to such guests.

The hotel industry may be one of the last to join the cloud computing party, but the impact that cloud technology has had – and will continue to have – on the hospitality industry shouldn’t be underplayed.

Cloud-based technology gives hoteliers the key to run smart businesses that are in tune with modern-day travelers, and more profitable. It’s clear to see that the cloud is disrupting this industry – and for the better.

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