GCP Fund LLC Partners Up with Leading Businesses in New York to Maximize Their Cash Flow

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New York, NY, December 30, 2021: GCP Fund has reportedly partnered up with several leading businesses at its headquarters, New York, to aid their post-COVID rehabilitation. The lending firm has increased its structured joint venture approvals to improve the increasingly worrying cash flow situation of old and new investors, developers, and contractors across all boroughs of New York.

Since its inception, the asset-based lender has streamlined investment, acquisition, and development of many
commercial projects across the United States. Structured joint ventures are the latest in a long line of financing solutions the hard money lender has introduced.

“Through our latest financing solution, we hope to ease the financial burden of New York-based commercial real estate investors and developers,” said a source close to GCP Fund. “We want to see people back at work as much as the next New Yorker, and by partnering up with us, you can see office buildings, restaurants, and hotels at full capacity sooner rather than later. We hope borrowers will be open to having us on board as more than just lenders and make it a win-win for everyone concerned.”

GCP Fund provides financing for the purchasing and development of the very establishments that were the hardest hit by the pandemic. The firm has invested in warehouses, hotels, motels, hospitals, churches, office buildings, multi-family properties, restaurants, and other places involving personal interaction.

Structured joint venture financing is the latest in a long line of commercial real estate solutions provided by GCP Fund, including construction loans, bridge loans, permanent financing, acquisition financing, mezzanine loans, private commercial loans.

The lending firm grants loans from $1MM to $100MM to experienced and first-time investors and developers across New York. Since these loans are asset-based, they don’t require an income or credit check.

For more information about the financing solutions and loan application process, go to https://gcpfund.com/.

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