Geidea promotes fintech investment and support for entrepreneurs at Egypt’s Techne Summit 2022

Egypts Techne Summit 2022

Cairo, Egypt – 13 November 2022: – Geidea, a leading fintech company in the region, has announced its participation in the 2022 ‘Techne Summit’ in Alexandria as part of its commitment to unleashing SME success and participation in the digital economy by widening access to digital payment solutions.

The Techne Summit is one of the world’s biggest multi-industry-focused investment and entrepreneurship events, bringing together technology startups, fintech companies, investors, and some of the world’s most influential fintech innovators.

Egypts Techne Summit 2022

As a market leader in the Saudi market with a 75% market share, and as considered the fastest growing payment services provider in Egypt. Geidea attended the summit to discuss the latest fintech solutions and to encourage investment and support for entrepreneurs and emerging companies in Egypt.

Geidea’s presence in Egypt has gathered pace since it entered the market in 2021. In a little over a year, the company has served a growing network of more than 40,000 merchants.

Ahmed Nader, Country General Manager at Geidea Egypt, said: “Our attendance at Techne Summit 2022 aligns not only with our mission to unleash the potential of the digital economy in Egypt but also with the Government of Egypt’s ICT 2030 strategy to transform the nation into a digital society. As one of the MENA region’s largest and most recognizable fintech innovators, Geidea is working closely with players across the Egyptian economy to widen access to enabling technologies and unleash success for entrepreneurs in every industry sector.”

As part of its work at Techne Summit 2022, Geidea presented its full range of payment solutions and products to entrepreneurs and emerging companies, as well as discussed, the latest solutions and technologies in the world of financial technology.

Ahmed Magdy, Commercial Director at Geidea Egypt, said: “We fully endorse the strategies of the Egyptian state in its bid for digital transformation and look forward to partnering with all government, private institutions & banks in the pursuit of an inclusive digital economy and greater financial inclusion. Geidea’s payment solutions and technologies are perfectly placed to enable Egyptian customers to conduct any financial transaction in just seconds and help merchants across the country to conduct more business in less time.”

Magdy continued: “We aim to reach a community of the 3.4 million micro-enterprises, in addition to thousands of medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to help them grow their businesses, achieve their aspirations and integrate them into the digital transformation process.”

Magdy also welcomed cooperation with the Egyptian government in the digital transformation process and stressed that the environment for investments in Egypt is very encouraging, adding that the steps the Egyptian government has been taking make the electronic payments market ‘a very promising one’. He described the fintech technology market in Egypt as ‘very attractive for investments and one that is open to all companies.’

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