General Management: Your competitive advantage in the dynamic business world


In the current corporate environment where companies with traditional business ideas are merely surviving whereas the ones driving innovation are thriving; gaining contemporary business skills becomes imperative for anyone to stay at the forefront.

However, managing a business can be a tough task given the set of challenges one has to face. It becomes crucial to devise innovative strategies and execute them properly. In this regard, IIM’s Accelerated General Management Programme can help you expand your horizons in all areas of management and also the global business world as a whole. By pursuing this course, you can find new ways to create value for your customers and make your organization flourish.

Developing core management skills and an in-depth understanding of the market

The 12-month IIM Ahmedabad’s executive course is designed meticulously for the working professionals to instil them with contemporary management skills and groom them for future leadership roles. Through research-based projects, assignments, and quizzes, the programme will allow you to develop strategic as well as general management skills while enabling you to think from consumers’ perspectives.

You will also be equipped with core management skills including operational skills, fund management, and customer management.

The programme covers comprehensive research and real-life cases, the curriculum of which is developed by faculty members at IIM Ahmedabad. However, the lectures will be delivered in a blended mode and the online classes will be held at Jaro Education centres by leveraging technology of Virtual Classrooms.

Why Accelerated General Management Programme?

IIM Ahmedabad adopts a practical and outcome-driven approach to cover the course. In addition to online lectures via HD virtual classrooms at Jaro Education, you will also experience intensive and immersive campus learning. The course is designed in a way that within those 12 months, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the current market scenario and gain contemporary management skills. By bringing together corporate executives from diverse industries, the programme provides you the opportunity to network and interact with them, thus ensuring the exchange of knowledge.

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