Genesis Luxury and Brands Invests in Armando Cabral

New York, NY, June 15, 2024 — Armando Cabral, the driving force behind his namesake luxury lifestyle brand, is gearing up for an exciting phase of growth following a strategic investment from Genesis Luxury and Brands (GLB), a member of the Genesis Group. With GLB acquiring a minority stake in the Armando Cabral brand, both are poised to further their shared vision of placing African creativity at the forefront of the luxury industry.

The partnership between Armando Cabral and GLB have been in motion for the past 18 months, with Cabral executing his brand strategy under the guidance of GLB’s chairman, Charles Kié. This collaboration has laid the groundwork for Armando Cabral’s expansion, particularly into the realm of apparel.

“Our collaboration with Charles and the GLB team since 2022 has been immensely rewarding,”says Armando Cabral, Founder and Creative Director of Armando Cabral. “The fusion of my creative vision with GLB’s expertise has enabled us to evolve in new directions.”

Charles Kié, Chairman of GLB, adds, “Our partnership with Armando Cabral exemplifies our dedication to nurturing diverse and innovative luxury brands. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

The investment from GLB marks just the beginning of Armando Cabral and GLB’s joint endeavors, with plans for an expansion of the brand. This includes broadening assortments within footwear and apparel collections, expanding distribution channels, and introducing a home line. Additionally, the iconic Armando Cabral Mercado—a distinctive retail concept integrating luxury lifestyle with an African-diaspora marketplace—will see new locations opening in the coming months.

Beyond accelerating the growth of Armando Cabral’s luxury lifestyle collections, the investment from GLB also presents increased exposure and opportunities for African-diaspora designers, fine artists, and brands on a global scale.

Armando Cabral’s personal journey mirrors the global essence of his brand. Born in Guinea-Bissau, raised in Portugal, and educated in London, he embarked on a successful modeling career before founding his footwear brand in New York in 2008. Today, Armando Cabral encompasses apparel, leather accessories, jewelry, and soon, a home collection.

“With GLB’s backing, we are poised to redefine luxury and showcase the richness of African creativity worldwide,” concludes Cabral.

The partnership between Armando Cabral and GLB underscores their shared commitment to innovation and diversity within the luxury market.