Godrej & Boyce launches India’s first-ever Safety App ‘i-Report’ for Material Handling Operations in India

Bangalore,  April 2023: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej RenTRUST, India’s largest warehouse rental equipment player, has launched an innovative safety solution, the i-Report app, to enhance safety in material handling operations in India. This is India’s first-ever safety application for material handling operations. The app will help reduce the gap in the industry’s safety policies and standards by offering a 360-degree safety solution through remote and real-time incident reporting, audit, training, and consultation to their customers and business partners. The Safety App will be available in over 200 locations across 22 states and will be manned 24 X 7, by 1000+ trained operators.

Mr. Anil Lingayat, Executive VP & Business Head, of Godrej Material Handling, stated, “We firmly believe that safety and customer-centricity form the bedrock of any successful business. Unrecorded incidents on the shop floor have been a concern for the industry. This is now set to change as all stakeholders will be able to proactively identify hazards and eliminate them. With the advent of this innovative application, Godrej RenTRUST is poised to set a new standard for safety initiatives in the Indian material handling industry, and further promote the culture of safety across manufacturing facilities and warehouse premises, suitably enabled with technology.”

Godrej RenTRUST has over the last 3 years, invested heavily in innovation, digitization, and technology. A significant share of this investment has been to promote safety at warehouses and manufacturing facilities. India has a booming warehouse market. The last couple of years has especially witnessed, a surging demand for well-equipped, modern warehouses that prioritize safety which is essential for a more productive workforce. Injuries incurred in warehouse operations can pose grave risks to the well-being of staff, while also disrupting workflow and incurring significant expenses.

Presently, there are no digital record-keeping mechanisms or safety protocols in place in Indian warehouses, leading to preventable accidents. The introduction of the ‘i-Report’ Safety App marks a vital step in bridging this gap, enabling hazard identification and the provision of safety guidelines to mitigate accidents on the shop floor and in warehouses.

The state-of-the-art app was officially launched on the occasion of the 33rd Safety Foundation Day celebrated at Godrej & Boyce on 12th April 2023

With this app, all sites, crew, and customer representatives can easily log safety hazards, while a team of three dedicated safety supervisors will monitor the app. The process will only be closed once the safety officer of Godrej & Boyce confirms that the steps taken to close the hazard are safe and sustainable to prevent any such occurrence in the future.

The development of ‘i-Report,’ reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to promoting safety and customer-centricity for this growing sector.