Gourav’s ‘WeAreIndia, We Will Prevail’ movement spreads the message of Unity, Serve and Care for Indians

Gourav Luminaries Pvt Ltd.

DeshKaGourav, a social initiative by Gourav Luminaries Pvt Ltd. announces the launch of #WeAreIndia campaign

National, May 2021: Gourav, one of the leading consumer electrical goods brand, a trusted name in Tier-2&3 cities of India, has introduced a digital movement called #WeAreIndiaunder its social initiative DeshKaGourav, a digital platform that celebrates the Pride of India, and has decided to come forward to support the country by encouraging countrymen to fight this battle together. The campaign is conceptualized by the people, for the people, of the people.
Time has been difficult for every individual and hence, staying positive, together, and keeping hopes is what will sail us through. Through #WeAreIndia, DeshKaGourav aims at motivating people to take a pledge to unite, serve and take care of the fellow Indians. Every individual is suffering and it’s time we all come together to take responsibility for doing our bit towards every person in need. The goal of this movement is to encourage more people to do their part which can include Sharing a meal, Booking a vaccination, Supporting your house help, Helping someone develop a skill, Sponsoring medication for someone in need, Educating and creating awareness about Covid to maximum people. This fight is long and so is the movement’s aim to leave a long-lasting impact on every Indian to stand by each other, not just in difficult times but always.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Gaurav Khanna, CEO of Gourav Luminaries (P) Ltd said, “Corona has hit us hard. It has taken many lives and left us all devastated. My heart goes to all my countrymen, who have lost their loved ones. It’s not possible to experience what they are feeling as loss is such a personal feeling.
But as life moves on, so do we have to, even if we do not want to. The purpose of this entire movement is to unite us all, stand tall as Indians – serve and care for each other. Its mission is to empower each one of us and spread the message that we are in this together – We are India, and we will prevail.”

Supporting this movement, Gourav Luminaries Pvt Ltd. also takes a step forward as Mr. Khanna adds, “We aim at encouraging people to get themselves vaccinated and hence would like to soon announce our vaccination drive for the safety of our employees, their family, and the partners who have been a part of the Gourav’s family. We have made our move and look forward to more people joining us in this initiative to help each other, unite and take care of our fellow countrymen.”

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