Great Place To Work India Launches #TheVoiceThatMattersForIndia campaign to Promote Positive Workplace Culture

Great Place

Mumbai, April 2023: Great Place To Work® India has launched a nationwide campaign, #TheVoiceThatMattersForIndia which seeks to capture the opinions and experiences of every Indian employee, enabling them to have a say in shaping the future of workplace culture in the country.

The campaign aims to establish a unified index that impartially assesses the state of workplace culture across India, encompassing both rural and urban areas. Furthermore, it intends to establish an effective feed-forward process for policy advocacy. The index is part of a tool to measure organizations’ effectiveness in the space of workplace culture, initiated with inclusive efforts.

#TheVoiceThatMattersForIndia campaign presents a unique opportunity for employees to share their perceptions of the values and attributes they seek in the workplace. Employees today, both present and prospective, are increasingly attuned to social and cultural issues and have a heightened awareness of the importance of working within an inclusive organizational culture that aligns with their personal values. By leveraging the power of this initiative, leaders can foster a sense of diversity, inclusivity, community, and collaboration, thereby facilitating the development of an environment that prioritizes creativity, innovation, and growth. This initiative is expected to positively change the Indian workplace ecosystem to welcome future generations and enhance employee engagement, experience, and productivity.

Given the widespread prevalence of remote work as the new normal, the campaign is a timely initiative. It is imperative for organizations to concentrate on cultivating a robust workplace culture that promotes trust, cooperation, and inclusivity, even in a virtual setting. By embracing these endeavors, India can guide foreign direct investments and generate new employment opportunities, fostering a self-assured and prosperous nation.