Have you met this saree-clad bodyguard who is breaking stereotypes?

Have you met this saree-clad bodyguard who is breaking stereotypes?

Veena Gupta, the founder of Seam Group Services, a leading Gurugram security, and protection company, is an inspiration in every way possible. Often called ‘Dabang Singh’ or ‘Lady Bodyguard’ by her clients and peers, Veena has broken all stereotypes as a saree-clad bodyguard.

Speaking about being called Dabang Singh and Lady Bodyguard to an online portal, she said, “I am actually proud that I am a trendsetter in the business. Most people would expect a protection officer to be physically bulky or look menacing. I am neither.”

Veena, initially, wanted to join the police force when she was younger. The security company owner was quite a rebel and a tomboy, as she says, and wanted to protect all the girls around her. But her family constraints and height didn’t let her achieve her goals. She then got a degree in management and worked for five-star hotels from 1992 to 2000.

When Veena later married and had a daughter, she decided to do a 9-to-5 job in a security services firm. “I went for an interview with nothing but my attitude for the company. When they asked me whether I would be able to protect people, I jumped at the idea. It was, after all, my passion since childhood, and so my journey into this field began,” said she.

Veena underwent six months of rigorous training in Bangkok and learned the intricacies of the business. But, luckily or unluckily, her company shut down in 2008 and then she started taking freelance assignments.

Veena stated that she was discriminated because of her feminine look and for wearing sarees to work. “People come with the mindset of ‘how can a woman protect me’. I believe being a corporate protection officer or a security officer doesn’t just entail being physically strong. You have to have that strong sense of intelligence to react to situations,” Veena added.

Veena gradually built her brand of Seam Risk Solutions which boasts a prestigious client list. She exemplifies the adage ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Not only is she strong but also a trendsetter. Veena revealed the reason she wears saree on duty.

“At certain events, I do wear a saree. I can look like a manager, merge with the crowd, and keep my eyes on the one I am protecting. Also, I have learned how to use saree as a weapon. I am extremely comfortable in one.” She says.