Having a family and pursuing a job are not mutually exclusive choices ~ Apurva Purohit offers pragmatic wisdom to working women in her new community

Apurva purohit

National, 19 January 2023: Women, unlike men, are often expected to choose between prioritizing their family or their careers, rather than balancing both. As discussions about the agency of working women continue to gain momentum, acclaimed corporate leader Apurva Purohit has proven that it is indeed possible to have it all. To encourage people, especially working women, to follow suit, she has created a community called Dear Girls on coto, a social platform exclusively for women.

“Every woman has the inherent ability to maximize her potential and should have the right to do so.,” Apurva says. “But when one asks, ‘How can a woman become successful at both home and work? The answers seem to suggest that she will necessarily have to make a choice between the two. We hope to create a culture at Dear Girls where women will begin to believe that having a family and pursuing a job are no more mutually exclusive choices and that they can confidently make both decisions and successfully balance them.”

“Equally we hope to inspire confidence in women by teaching them to battle the imposter syndrome and not allow themselves to be minimized which is an unfortunate character trait women have and overcome all self-restricting internal biases so that they can own their own narrative and take control of their lives”.

With Apurva Purohit’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the corporate sphere, you can use the Dear Girls community as a means to strengthen your self-confidence and skillfully balance your work and personal life.

The Co-founder of Aazol Ventures and a media industry veteran, Apurva Purohit is known for her tireless efforts in promoting gender diversity and empowering working women. Along with these, Apurva is also the author of two bestselling books — Lady, You’re the Boss and
Lady, You’re Not a Man! The Adventures of a Woman at Work — empower women to reach their fullest potential.

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