Hear from Leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech Companies and Regulatory Experts at RNA Therapeutics 2021

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London, United Kingdom: We have witnessed significant growth and innovation in the RNA market. The 2-day agenda for the upcoming virtual conference will bring together expertise from individuals in multiple disciplines in the field and offer a series of presentations through which you will gain insights into the key drivers of this ever-growing industry.

Hear from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, regulatory experts, and academia on a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, with increasing developments in RNA therapeutics, this year’s agenda will explore the growing potential of RNAi.

Download the brochure for a full agenda and speaker line-up here: www.therapeutics-rna.com/prcom5

Here are some topics covered on RNA Therapeutic Applications:

Novel Therapies for Inherited Retinal Diseases
• An overview of ProQR’s RNA therapies platform
• Sepofarsen (QR-110) for Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA10)
• QR-421a for Usher syndrome Exon 13
• QR-1123 for P23H autosomal dominant RP
• QR-504a for Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy
Jennifer Pluim, Vice President Medical Affairs, ProQR

Moving cardiovascular noncoding RNA therapeutics towards clinical reality
• Innovative approaches to discover noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular disease
• Testing noncoding RNAs in large animal models
• Design of adaptive clinical studies using noncoding RNA modulators
Thomas Thum, Director, Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies, Hannover Medical School

RNA immunotherapies: developing cancer vaccines against immunogenic neoantigens
• A collaboration with the aim to develop a new generation of cancer vaccines via RNA
• New developments in immunology have made immunotherapy of cancer a new treatment option
• An overview of the technology and potential for further oncology therapeutics
Wigard Kloosterman, CSO, Frame Therapeutics

Self-amplifying mRNA (SAM) vaccines
• Overview the principal and preclinical program of the GSK self-amplifying RNA program, illustrated by specific examples
• Update the progress on its technical development
• Potentially discuss the clinical POC of the platform
Dong Yu, Fellow, Senior Director, and Head, GSK Vaccines

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