Heritage Xperiential Learning School students shine in CBSE 12thGrade examinations

The students of Heritage Experiential Learning School (HXLS), Gurgaon have excelled in their board examinations demonstrating their hard work and determination. The CBSE 12thGrade results for 2019-20 batch is testament to their growth as self-directed learners, who are committed to working towards their highest potential.

The students earned a schoolwide5 subject mean average of almost 93%. The mean average for the best 4 subjects is 94%. The school is thrilled that the students have performed to the best of their ability and have come out shining.

Ketaki Sarin has topped the School and the Science Stream with an average score of 98.8%; Aanya Vyas has topped the Humanities stream with an average score of 98% and Kriti Kakar has topped the Commerce Stream with an average score of 97.2%. Besides this, there are several perfect scores across subjects – Psychology, Painting, Physics, Mathematics, Fashion Studies, and Physical Education.

This year, the School had 3 students registered under CWSN and they have got excellent results in their respective streams. Aditya Shekar from the Humanities stream scored 86.8% while Hriday Kharbanda and Arjun Jain from the Commerce stream scored 93% and 85.8% respectively.

Elaborating on the result of the Board Manit Jain, Co-Founder, The Heritage Schools said, Every year at The Heritage Experiential Learning School, we strive to achieve our goals and impart quality education to our students and we are delighted with their performances in this year’s CBSE Board with an average score of 93%. Examinations are just one more way of assessing the progress of our students and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outstanding scores of our students. We will continue to provide an authentic learning experience for our students and wish them luck in the future endeavor.” Manit Jain, Co-Founder, The Heritage Schools.

 The Heritage Experiential Learning School curriculum is specifically developed and refined to address a child’s cognitive, physical, creative, psychic, and affective development. It is created to fit the child and incorporates tools and pedagogies from some of the best-known global progressive systems of learning. The school believes that the purpose of education is embedded in an authentic, real-life context where children learn by doing and experience through hands-on activities. Such an environment provides equal opportunities for collaboration and each child’s contribution is valued.

“Our students have come out shining in the years’ Board Exams and I couldn’t be happier with their performances despite the uncertainties due to the pandemic and changes to their schedule. Apart from the students, I would also like to take a moment to appreciate the effort of our teachers for their constant support in enabling our students to emerge as true learners,” said Neena Kaul, Principal, Heritage Experiential Learning School.


  • Mean average for the best 4 subjects is 94.0%.
  • 5 subject median score of 93.8%
  • 5 subject mean average of 92.6%.
  • 33.6% (44 students) of students have scored 95% and above
  • 74.8% (90 students) students have scored above 90% in 5 subjects
  • 98.5% (129 students) students have scored above 80% in 5 subjects


Stream Name Average Score
Science Ketaki Sarin (School Topper) 98.8%
Humanities Aanya Vyas 98%
Commerce Kriti Kakar 97.2%