Hero Vired Celebrates Father’s Day with Comic Storytelling

‘Lessons from a Father: Wisdom Across Generations’

Mumbai, 14 June 2024: Hero Vired, India’s premier learning company for professionals and higher education aspirants, is celebrating Father’s Day with a new campaign called ‘Lessons from a Father: Wisdom Across Generations.’ This heartfelt tribute celebrates the invaluable guidance and love that fathers provide across generations. The campaign features an innovative and engaging comic strip, highlighting how fatherly teachings have evolved over time. By drawing parallels between the art of storytelling and a father’s wisdom, this tribute beautifully showcases the enduring impact of paternal guidance.

The creatively illustrated comic strips emphasize the unwavering desire of fathers to ensure the best for their children and showcase how fatherly advice has evolved over time yet remains rooted in the constant desire for their children’s well-being and success. The campaign invites learners to share personal stories and anecdotes capturing the profound values passed through generations.

Mr. Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO of Hero Vired, commented, “Father’s Day honours the endless efforts and selfless contributions of all fathers. At Hero Vired, we get to witness and celebrate fathers who embrace the journey of upskilling – setting a powerful example for their children. By continuously enhancing their skills and embracing lifelong learning, these fathers demonstrate that upskilling brings lasting rewards and endless opportunities.”

The campaign’s engaging storytelling highlights the unique and enduring bond between fathers and their children. As Hero Vired continues to empower learners with career-relevant skills and competencies, the company remains committed to fostering an environment that celebrates and supports the diverse roles individuals play in their families and communities.

Karan, a learner from the gaming and esports program, commented, “I never imagined my dad would support my decision to pursue an unconventional profession like gaming. Yet, he once advised me to follow the path I felt was right for me, and that advice changed my life. It taught me to trust myself and be confident in my choices. Gaming is the direction I want to pursue, and I owe it all to my father. While we often give very little credit to our fathers, I believe they play a significant role in shaping who we become.”

Link to the comic strip: https://youtu.be/DkTgKgOEaiw

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