How David Bolno and Other Successful Business Leaders Approach Philanthropy


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Careers in the entertainment industry are quite lucrative. Once you get to the top, you enjoy the money, the fame and a star status. The biggest problem with the entertainment industry is that achieving success isn’t always so easy. Luck and talent can only get you so far. If you are an upcoming entertainer, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the tips that can help you succeed and create a thriving career.

Let Your Family and Friends Be a Part of Your Journey

Show me a single entertainer who started with making number-one hits or doing wild tours? Successful music careers always start from the bottom. The importance of family and charity should never be overlooked when kickstarting your journey as an artist. These are the only people who will give you genuine feedback. Your family will also help you grow your popularity through referrals. 

David Bolno, a business manager who has worked with top entertainers, is the perfect example of how building a family of people can help you achieve success. By helping entertainers such as Drake, Pharell and Post Malone succeed in their musical journeys, he has built a lucrative career for himself. 

Bolno’s commitment to investing in friends and family is one of the reasons he is the best entertainment manager. He is so good at his job that Drake thanked him in his Take Care Album and thanked him for pulling his life together. 

By following Bolno’s approach, you can easily transition from a local into an international entertainer. 

Be Unique 

One of the things that’s killing most new entertainment careers is imitation. Everyone is using the same rap style and beats. People will always appreciate unique music. As an artist, you can utilize this opportunity to make music that is rare and distinctive. 

The entertainment niche has a lot of room for creativity and uniqueness. For instance, you can use a voice that’s a bit different from what people are used to in that genre. You can restructure your lyrics to make them unique. Sometimes, your uniqueness doesn’t have to be in the music. It can be in your personality or dress code. 

Your main goal should be to do something that is special and noticeable. Your friends and family members can be quite useful in helping you identify a unique selling point for your brand. 

Market Your Talent 

As a new entertainer, people will never magically discover your talent. No record label will sign you, if all you do is make music and keep it to yourself. A key trait of a successful artist is being ambitious. Market your talent everywhere. 

Is your small brother attending a friend’s party this Saturday? Give them one of your CDs and ask him to give it to the DJ. Look into social media and YouTube ads. Figure out ways you can get your brand name out there. Since you are new, you can offer free entertainment during local events. Today, there are lots of online platforms for you to promote your talent. Spotify is a great example. 

Never Give Up

Being a new entertainer is difficult. And it’s easy to lose motivation. However, you need to keep your mind focused on your goals. Yes, you will face several rejections along the way. But there are lots of opportunities out there. 

Whenever you feel like losing hope, watch some biographies of the most popular artists. You will notice that they all have one thing in common – most entertainers started from nowhere. 

A pro tip is to diversify your career. As you work on your entertainment career, get a job on the side. Your side hustle will cater for your basic needs as you wait for your big breakthrough. Also, keep a close circle of friends and family who will motivate you when you are feeling low. 

Wrapping Up 

There is no doubt that the entertainment niche is a tough one to get into. But if you follow David Bolno’s approach of helping others and building strong relationships with friends and family, you can nudge your career in the right direction. Remember, achieving success as an artist won’t happen overnight. And never stop grinding even when you get to the top.

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