How Franchise based Asset Light Brokerage Models can Redefine Indian Real Estate

New Delhi, August 18, 2020: Propelled by a large population, a rapid & consistent rise in urbanization & a boom in the middle-income households with higher disposable income, there is large aggregate demand for real estate properties. In addition, other macroeconomic factors such as a reduction in home loan rates, correction in the value of rupee, attractive payment plans by developers to lure homebuyers & flight towards more income-generating hard assets such as Real estate are further driving the market infusing it with strong momentum.

However, an Achilles’ heels of Indian Real Estate is that it still remains highly unorganized with a large number of transactions taking place through individual brokers alongside small & mid-sized enterprises. Although small brokers have a strong footing in their local markets, their unstructured nature, institutional support deficiency & poor technological infrastructure is inhibiting their profitability. In a post-COVID world, when the role of technology and digital marketing will further rise exponentially, a lack of such resources might be detrimental to overall growth.

A viable solution to reverse the scenario lies in building asset-light franchise models that are underpinned on symbiotic sharing of resources & market know-how, credible institutional support, regularly qualified lead flows and prudent profit sharing between the franchisee and the parent company. Leveraging the infrastructure of the parent company, franchisees can successfully build asset-light businesses & grow fast without incurring high capital & operational expenses.

To grab the opportunity in the current market and grow, one requires a more sophisticated approach. From a broker, one has to transform into a sophisticated consultant. These consultants are professionally trained to be more service-oriented & customer-centric.

Similarly, they have to work in a networked fashion in an organized set up to step up their game and attain higher profitability.

“To bring about a well-rounded & effective approach towards building higher profit margins for brokers, 360 Realtors, one of India’s largest Institutional Channel Partners (ICP), launched 360 EDGE Franchise, a one-stop-realty hub where customers can Buy and Invest in both Residential/ Commercial real estate projects across 20 cities of India.” Quoted Mr. Ankit Kansal, Founder & MD, 360 Realtors.

As a part of the partnership, brokers partnering with 360 Edge gain access to business blueprints & strategies to revamp their business models & leapfrog towards a steeper profit trajectory.

The 360 Edge Franchise comprises of a team of like-minded, entrepreneurial and trained Business Associates who work on a commission-sharing model. These business associates work full-time with the Franchise Owner & pay an Annual fee to get associated with the Franchise office. This business model is both scalable asset-light which allows easy expansion of unlimited growth. It creates a win-win situation and an apt and interdependent working environment for all the stakeholders involved.

Shining more light on how 360 Edge will transform the Real Estate brokerage space, Mr. Sahil Kapoor, National Head – 360 Edge said, “The franchise will get to use the credible brand name of 360 Realtors, which will help in easy brand credibility & brand recall. In the capacity of a franchise, one would be able to market and sell projects from around numerous Grade-A developers, with whom 360 Realtors has tie-ups. Also, in the post-COVID world, digital channels will be instrumental in driving marketing. 360 Realtors has invested heavily in developing cutting-edge technology and digital capabilities, which can be leveraged by franchises owners. Backed by 360 quality leads, franchises can generate more business.”