Illuvium: Beyond’s Launch on ImmutableX Opens New Frontiers for Player-Driven Web3 Fundraising

Sydney, March 8th: Illuvium, a decentralized studio building the world’s first Interoperable blockchain game universe, on March 7 announces the launch of Illuvium: Beyond, a spin-off interactive adventure and a collectible card game on the ImmutableX platform. Funds generated from the sale of Illuvium: Beyond will be directed to a special $15 million USD “Safety Pool,” designed to mitigate the risk of uncertain macroeconomic conditions by providing a unique source of runway to sustain DAO operations.

“In the world of Web3 gaming, the power belongs to the players,” said Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder at Illuvium. “The Illuvium DAO’s groundbreaking initiative to use revenue generated from digital collectibles to fund game development is a testament to the transformative potential of this technology. By investing in their future, players become more than just fans — they become stakeholders in the game’s success.”

This unprecedented initiative is a prime example of how Web3 stands to revolutionize the way players interact with game developers and virtual worlds. This is especially important during the ongoing crypto winter, as Web3 startup funding has decreased by 74% compared to 2022. Illuvium: Beyond, however, proves that high-quality and engaging blockchain games don’t have to rely on macroeconomic factors to succeed.

In Illuvium: Beyond, players compete to collect the most powerful “Illuvitars” NFTs — unique, customizable avatars based on Illuvium’s in-game characters. Achieving rare collections will boost the player’s rank on the leaderboard, unlocking additional utility within the Illuvium Universe. These NFTs can also serve as the player’s in-game avatar or profile picture.

The new collectible card game spin-off features a curated selection of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and expressions players can collect and customize endlessly. The mastermind behind Illuvitars, Rogier Van De Beek, Head of Concept Art, led a team of talented artists with experience at companies like Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, and Sega in creating the collection.

By leveraging ImmutableX, the preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum, Illuvium: Beyond developers can ensure that players’ in-game experience will be as seamless, accessible, and inclusive as possible. Immutable’s innovative solutions, frameworks, and tools were designed from the ground up to make every single transaction significantly cheaper and faster without any compromises on Ethereum’s inherent security and decentralization. Coupled with gas-free NFT minting and full digital ownership, this will help Illuvium: Beyond onboard millions of new players, regardless of their familiarity with web3.

Illuvium: Beyond will also unlock in-game utility across the Illuvium game universe. Currently, in development, Illuvium is an interoperable blockchain universe that comprises an open-world exploration game, an industrial city builder, and an autobattler on the ImmutableX blockchain.

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