Industry Quote on New Education Policy

rajesh-panda (1)

Mr Rajesh Panda, Founder & CEO, Corporate Gurukul said, ” With NEP 2020, the focus is back on ancient ‘gurukul pedagogy’ with a multi-disciplinary holistic education, applied learning and formative assessment. It is also a delight to note that students have the choice to curate their own individual learning pathways based on their passion and interest. Rote learning is passé and with vocational training making headway into mainstream curriculum, a mechanical/electrical engineer can finally fix a motorcycle/fan. Universities will no longer just survive on students’ tuition fees but research funding from corporates and the government will gain prominence. Focus on research will help our universities move from good to great and rank among the best in the world. The key question now will be – “How will NEP 2020 equip students with tools like design thinking and AI to foster research, applied learning and formative assessment?” How do we deliver consistent learning experiences at scale across the country?”