Innovative Products & Services Company NVRL8 SAL. Announces the Launch of SafeQit, a Convenient & Hygienic Bag Collection for Everyday Use

Beirut, Lebanon : NVRL8, an innovative products & services company, has launched their latest product – SafeQit, the only bag that fulfills all one’s personal and safety needs.

SafeQit is the world’s first high-quality hygienic bag collection tailored to suitably fit and carry all of one’s sanitary equipment including the items carried on a daily basis.

Whether exploring new venues, visiting relatives, shopping for groceries or commuting to work, it is one’s daily companion that accommodates to every personal, professional and sanitary use.

SafeQit aims to revolutionize the existing belt & shoulder bag designs to better suit the current environment and sanitary standards post COVID-19. Unlike other belt and waist bags, it’s pockets are purposely designed to be as easily accessible as possible. The sleek design and durable materials used to create the bags, vastly enhance the experience of carrying one’s protective equipment due to its many built-in accessories including a multi-use key, a custom-made compartment to keep wet wipes moist and a sturdy exterior pouch for instant sanitization accessibility.

Furthermore, SafeQit bags come with uniquely engineered compartments to provide the proper organization and placement needed for all for one’s personal equipment as well, such as a portable wallet, a key chain and enough space to place a phone and any other desired item which could include gloves, masks, safety goggles, etc.

It can also be ideally utilized within the premise of businesses to ensure that the staff stays within the guidelines of safety and health measures. Adequately equipped with all their essential sanitary and professional tools, the staff has instant access to any PPE (personal protective equipment) they might need. Moreover, it would showcase proper social responsibility and high hygienic standards, granting customers the feeling of safety and security. Each bag is tailored to benefit various professions including waiters, hotel concierge, travel concierge, delivery persons, school and university staff, field volunteers among many more.

“Many friends and acquaintances caught the COVID because they were not well protected, although they were only going out when necessary,” said Roy Massaad, COO of NVRL8 “So we decided to create an elegant solution that would aid them in carrying all their PPEs around in style and with much less hassle. It also displays social awareness and responsibility to everyone within your proximity.”

For more information about SafeQit, interested customers may visit the SafeQit website at, or contact the NVRL8 company at (+961) 1999768. Further press inquiries may be directed to SafeQit via email at