IWill GITA: Microsoft – AI4A Renews Funding for World’s First Gen-AI Hindi Mental Health Program

New Delhi, 18th April 2024, IWill, a Leading AI and Digital Health Startup from India has received fresh funding from Microsoft’s ‘AI for Accessibility’ program to accelerate IWill GITA, the World’s First Controlled Generative-AI Mental Health Companion in Hindi. In 2022, Microsoft had funded IWill under the same program to accelerate and enable the development of IWill GITA in Hindi.

IWill GITA is the World’s First Controlled Generative-AI CBT-based model in Hindi that leverages the potential of Generative-AI while Maintaining Clinical Flows and Responsible AI Use. IWill GITA started its pilot launch in January 2024 and aims to provide access to 615 million Hindi-speaking population with the most effective Mental health Support in rural and urban India at the most affordable price. With 80%+ treatment gap, IWill GITA developed for empathetic help & personalised care as an AI assistant, meets the needs of Citizens of Bharat.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Ioana Tanase, Accessibility PM, Microsoft said, “We are very excited to support the IWill team as they further develop IWill GITA. Our shared vision is to broaden the horizons of mental health support, reaching out to an even larger audience and serving more people within the Hindi-speaking community.”

Ms. Shipra Dawar, Founder & CEO of IWill and ePsyClinic, added, “We’re so excited and humbled to receive the continued support from Microsoft. Microsoft’s immense support was invaluable in helping us create IWill GITA and we feel honoured that basis its success and future vision, Microsoft AI4A extended the funding and support.

IWill GITA [Gen-AI Inclusive Therapy Assistant] is CBT-based & inspired by Lord Krishna’s ethos and the immense significance GITA.  As highlighted by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji that more work is needed in field of mental health awareness & help, continuing on our Mission, Microsoft’s continued financial, technical support, and mentoring, to enable last-mile mental healthcare access that is affordable and effective, is truly invaluable for us”