Joe Pike Joins Cork Distributors as Sales Manager

Las Vegas, NV, December 08, 2023 — Cork Distributors are delighted to announce that Joe Pike has taken up the role of Sales Manager. With a wealth of experience in the wine and spirits industry spanning two decades, Joe comes with a proven track record of delivering sales growth and exceptional customer service. Joe Pike’s addition to Cork Distributors as Sales Manager is an exciting development for the company. His extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the beverage industry will provide valuable insights and guidance to the sales team and enhance customer experience.

Joe started his career in the beverage industry as a bartender and quickly developed a keen interest in wine and spirits. He went on to own and run his own store on Long Island, New York, named Cork Poppers Fine Wine & Spirits, where he achieved remarkable double-digit annual revenue growth for his business. After relocating to Las Vegas, Joe worked as a Sommelier and Beverage Director at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant before joining Breakthru Beverage, where he worked as a Sales Consultant and was later promoted to District Manager.

At Breakthru Beverage, Joe proved himself to be an outstanding leader and manager, developing and leading his team to achieve impressive sales growth. During his time there, Joe also earned his Master of Barolo Certification and WSET 2, as well as another Certified Sommelier degree from the Sommelier Society of America. These credentials attest to his expertise and knowledge in the field of wine and spirits.

Joe’s extensive experience and knowledge in the beverage industry make him an invaluable addition to Cork Distributors’ team. With his expertise as a sales leader and manager, Joe will provide strong guidance and leadership to the sales team, contributing to the overall success and growth of Cork Distributors. The company is confident Joe’s insights and expertise will help Cork Distributors grow its market reach and explore new opportunities for development. As Cork Distributors remains committed to delivering a personalized and tailored service, it’s customers can expect to receive personalized and tailored service, as well as expert advice on wine and spirit selections, and Joe’s expertise and experience will be key to achieving this goal.

In his own words, Joe is “looking forward to replicating his track record of success” to Cork Distributors and their customers. Cork Distributors are excited about the growth opportunities Joe’s leadership promises and how it will enhance customer service delivery, and they invite you to join them on this journey of discovering amazing beverages and unlocking new opportunities as they strive towards success with Joe Pike.