Join Ventures to launch 100+ dark stores

Mumbai: Join Ventures, house of D2C brands for celebrations, announces 100 new dark stores across India to help its portfolio brands better service the celebration ecosystem across the country. The move will further bolster the company’s already impressive fulfillment infrastructure of 20 dark stores that 3 mother warehouses support. The company plans to launch the 100 dark stores by the end of FY-23, making Join Ventures one of the largest and fastest-growing houses of brands in the celebration ecosystem that is estimated to be over USD 200 billion in size.

Join Ventures uses its proprietary tech stack, combined with a network of strategically located dark stores, to help its portfolio brands – and deliver more than 5 million orders annually. Establishing new dark stores will also help Join Ventures spruce up its logistics, last-mile delivery and help the company launch new brands that can capture the growing market of special purchases in Food, Home, Fashion, and Fresh categories.

Speaking on the announcement Tarun Joshi, Founder & CEO, Join Ventures, said, “The 100 new dark stores will further move the distribution process of our brands in-house for better quality control and assured timely delivery.”

“Dark stores are the future of retail, and the rapid growth in demand in the celebration landscape requires solutions for automation and fulfillment quickly. We believe that these dark stores could turn into permanent fixtures to serve customers as they help improve customer experience and provide better control on the quality of the products delivered,” Tarun added.

The dark stores at Join Ventures will be equipped with intelligent automation, and the floor space will be dedicated to inventory management and will contain tracking systems focused on order accuracy and speed of deliveries.

Join Ventures, house of D2C brands for celebrations, is building leadership through its growing portfolio of brands, including – India’s largest D2C platform for occasions; Interflora India – India’s largest D2C brand for premium flowers; IGPforBusiness -leading B2B2C partner for reward management and corporate gifting; and Masqa – aimed at creating India’s leading D2C brand for Indulgent foods. Join Ventures is serving 100mn+ visitors every year across 100 countries with its design-to-delivery consumer experience, farm-to-table supply chain, and expanding same-day delivery distribution network of over 100 cities.