Let Children be Children : SportzVillage underlines the importance of physical activity during these trying times

children playing

With no end in sight to the school shutdowns, it is even more necessary than before to focus on the overall well-being and health of children. The children are under increasing pressure to outperform their peer’s due to shrinking opportunities and rising competition. The pandemic has worsened this situation even further, as the kids are left with no way to decrease their stress.

The continuous exposure to laptop and phone screens has had a negative impact on their health and it has led to an increase in obesity and laziness levels as well as deformities in their posture. Physical Activity has taken a hit at a time when it is required the most. The lack of exercise has affected the cognitive development and socio-behavioural skills of children. In a bid to set their child apart from others of the same age group, parents are enrolling their kids into more and more online courses which leads to an increase in the screen time along with an increase in mental pressure.

Keeping this in mind, Sportz Village Schools, India’s No. 1 sports education organization, had launched the ‘Play At Home’ program, which is going stronger by the day. The Play At Home program is designed to integrate seamlessly into a school’s online curriculum and help keep kids physically active and stress free.

Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director of Sportz Village said “It is extremely important to keep our children fit and happy during this trying time. Through the ‘Play At Home’ program, children will not only be fit, active, healthy and happy but also would get an opportunity to do fun activities along with their parents.”


The world health organization stresses the importance of physical fitness and recommends that all kids and adults should take part in some form of physical activity, thereby adjusting the form and duration of the exercise to cater to their needs.

Physical presence in the playgrounds is not possible and people need to find new ways to keep their kids active. The WHO recommends a few methods like online exercise classes as a way to remain physically active even at home. These activities can be sustained during and post the pandemic. They also recommend engaging in stay-at-home physical activities that are not digitally driven.

The ‘Play At Home’ program is designed in a manner that will help the children to be active, healthy and happy while they are at home. The program contains age-appropriate activities and tasks that are helpful to maintain the physical, emotional as well as mental well-being of the children. The program contains online-live physical activity sessions as well as the ‘leaderboard’ platform through which trainers can assign tasks and monitor the activity levels of children.

Sportz Village’s ‘Play At Home’ initiative has also been applauded and supported by many of its partner schools as well.