Madhur Sugar hits the sweet spot with its latest campaign

Madhur Sugar hits the sweet spot with its latest campaign

New Delhi– Madhur Sugar has set out to highlight, the sometimes simple but undoubtedly cherishable, moments around us, with its latest digital campaign – #MadhurPal. Launched with the tagline ‘Taaki Mithaas Khilti Rahe’, the brand intends to identify, celebrate and share every sweet, relatable moment of their consumers’ day-to-day life.

With ‘packaged & sealed’ products taking precedence in 2021, Madhur Sugar has been a step ahead in ensuring the best hygiene, purity and safety with regard to their products. Deeply ingrained with values of the 5S guarantee – Safed, Shuddh, Samaan, a Sulphur-free process and Surakshit.

The campaign takes off with the launch of three films, each centred around cherishable micro-moments between a loving family. Starring Ansha Sayed who brings in her carefree, loving and confident personality to carefully unveil a plethora of Madhur moments, that we’ll all definitely relate to. Playing the role of a fiercely-loving mother who knows just how to keep everyone on their toes, she reveals the sweetness hidden behind every-day moments we take for granted, culminating with a perfect reflection of the love and care she has in store and the caring imprint it leaves behind for her loving daughter. These moments will have you drooling over a new mouth-watering sweet dish or even have you join in the laughs shared over a simple cup of chai. Madhur Sugar can’t wait to unveil the special moments everyone will share back with them. At its core the only proposition the brand wants to push forward is the pure joy of eating.

The campaign all comes together with a callout that gets users to share their own Madhur moments. Following through with a vision to highlight our users’ very own stories as thumb-stoppers all year round. The campaign also has known personalities like Krystal D’Souza, Sanaya Irani and husband Mohit Sehgal sharing their #MadhurPal with us. Panning across the digital ecosystem to also become a part of quick snackable content bites seamlessly integrated into our users’ OTT and online content viewing experience.

The strategy behind it being three fold – Drive awareness via the films, build consideration associating with relevant influencers and eventually give our users countless occasions to celebrate everyone’s sweet tooth in the family with Madhur Sugar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Satbir Sindhu, President Marketing & OD at Madhur Sugar, said, “Madhur Pal is here to shine a light on the sweetest moments of everyday across the internet, with the ‘joy of eating’ your favourite sweet dishes taking centre stage. However, while we enjoy binging on our favourite sweets, we must ensure that the products being used are untouched by hand. Madhur Sugar seeks to reinstate the importance of using clean and hygienic packaged goods at all times, especially today. That being said, at its core the brand wants you to make daily moments a lot sweeter by enjoying your favourite desserts , dishes and delicacies guilt-free.”

Commenting on the campaign, Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder & MD, BC Web Wise said, “This campaign captures everyday moments that become that much more joyful with the way these occasions play out. We’ve looked at experiences that not just the audience but all of us could easily connect to , with sugar being a core ingredient of not just the recipe but these joyful moments. The authenticity with which we have captured these relatable moments makes this a winning campaign for us as it resonates so well with what the brand stands for along with the space that these sugar-filled moments hold with the audience.”