Magnolia Specialized Services Uses UVClear F1140 as Part of Their Healthy School Program

Magnolia Specialized Services Uses UVClear F1140 as Part of Their Healthy School Program

Magnolia Specialized Services is using the UVClear F1140 to maintain a healthy environment for their students and staff by using germicidal ultraviolet light technology.

Prosper, TX : The CDC recently published guidelines for operating schools during COVID-19 which they recommend that schools “Consider using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) as a supplement to help inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.” UVClear is a Prosper, TX based business that provides healthy building solutions to keep communities and individuals safe from pathogens using chemical free technology. They recently provided the F1140 to Magnolia Specialized Services to assist in their healthy school program.

Magnolia Specialized Services, Inc. utilizes the UVClear F1140 to maintain a healthy living and operating environment. Magnolia Specialized Services, Inc. is located in southwest Arkansas and was founded to provide opportunities and choices for those with developmental delays and disabilities. The school and program provides adult group home, an adult day program and a pre-school. The Executive Director, Sara Carrington, recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy living environment for her students. She was familiar with ultraviolet light because of relationships she has with physicians in hospitals that use the technology. Sara shared, “I had been looking for alternative solutions to using chemicals to sanitize and ran across UVClear which offered exactly what I was looking for. The UVClear give us a great peace of mind that we are doing everything that we can to keep our premises safe for our children and adults.”

Magnolia Specialized Services was able to purchase two UVClear F1140’s using a grant provided by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to ensure the health and safety of employees and patrons. The Arkansas Ready for Business Grant program specifically provides funding for equipment, supplies, and disinfectants to initially deep clean premises and for use on an ongoing basis.

“We built UVClear to provide chemical free solutions to keep communities and buildings disinfected to benefit the health of individuals. Schools are a critical function in our communities and we are glad we can help,” says Stephen Weaver, President of UVClear, LLC.

The UVClear F1140 is a mobile germicidal ultraviolet light tower that provides light energy to eradicate micro-organisms that are present on surfaces and in the air. The F1140 utilizes the same technology that hospitals deploy to sanitize and disinfect operating rooms and treatment facilities. However, UVClear provides the 1140 at an affordable one-time investment price comparable to the recurring costs of chemical treatments.