Mannat Goel re-appointed as Brand Ambassador for e-Ashwa Automotive

Mr. Vikas Gupta, Founder & CEO, e-Ashwa Automotive

New Delhi: e-Ashwa Automotive, one of the leading and fastest-growing EV manufacturers, has announced that it has re-appointed popular influencer, model and actor Mannat Goel as the brand ambassador for the company. Mannat Goel, who has a huge fan base on social media will continue to endorse the e-Ashwa brand.

Established in February 2018, e-Ashwa Automotive has expanded its business into multiple categories within electric vehicles and now sells a wide range of electric vehicles in both electric 2-wheelers and electric 3-wheelers. From e-scooters, e-Cycle, e-Bike, e-rickshaw, e-auto to e-loaders, the company has been steadily growing and catering to the changing market needs.

Speaking on the association Mr. Vikas Gupta, Founder & CEO, e-Ashwa Automotive said, “We are delighted to renew our association with Mannat Goel as we find her to be the perfect match for e-Ashwa’s electric vehicle products.”

“Mannat is a multi-talented artist who has taken up challenging modeling assignments and built a distinct image for herself in the industry and with her fans. Her personal journey and modeling personality resonate with the evolving, versatile and dynamic approach of e-Ashwa; that promises to bring a paradigm shift in the electric vehicle space with its innovative products and services for our customers,” added Mr. Gupta.

Model Mannat Goel said, “I am excited to renew my journey with e-Ashwa Automotive. I believe that e-Ashwa will make that difference to create higher value for businesses and people in the area of its focus. I strongly believe that eco-friendly electric vehicles will be the future and hope my association with the brand will help in strengthening its market presence. I am looking forward to my renewed journey with this brand.”

About e-Ashwa Automotive Private Limited:

e-Ashwa Automotive Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of environment-friendly electric vehicles companies in the country. Established in February 2018 by its Founder and CEO Vikas Gupta, e-Ashwa today has a presence in a wide range of battery-operated electric vehicles – electric two-wheelers as well as electric three-wheelers and caters to both B2B and B2C segments. Till date, the company has sold 5340 e-scooters, 784 e-rickshaws, 10 e-autos, 176 e-loaders and 5 e-food carts and 4 e-garbage vehicles. For more information, please visit