Massive Push to Green Energy Projects in Andhra Pradesh


Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, September 6, 2022: In a major boost to the green energy sector, the Andhra Pradesh government approved investments worth Rs. 81,000 Cr with an aim to generate direct employment creation for 20,130 people. Chief Minister YSJagan Mohan Reddy chaired a review meeting with the State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB), discussing 10 new projects that are set to establish in the state.

Speaking to the officials, the CM said, “Large scale enterprises are set to create a wave in the face of economy and stand as an example for the country through green energy sector”. There will be thousands of employment generations through these projects. Farmers too are set to earn more income through these projects, up to 30,000 per acre, per year will be generated if given under lease on lands that do not generate much income.

Here are the details of the new projects that are set to be established in the state:

  1. M/s. Causis e-Mobility Private Limited – Kopparthy, YSR District
    With a 100% EV ecosystem, the project provides a complete green solution, with an investment of Rs.386.23 Cr (286.23 Cr for the EV plant and 100 Cr for the charging infrastructure). The project brings in the latest technology in manufacturing electric buses with a target of manufacturing 1,000 electric buses under phase 1. The project is set to generate employment for 1,200 people.
  2. Lyfius Pharma – Kakinada SEZ
    Aiming to set up by April 2024, the company is set to invest Rs. 1,900 Cr, providing employment opportunities to close to 2,000 people. The government is taking steps to achieve self-sufficiency without relying on Chinese imports in API drug manufacturing. The company has already acquired 236.37 acres for the industry.
  3. Indosol Solar Pvt Ltd – Ramayapatnam, Nellore district
    In one of the mega-investment projects, Indosol Solar to set up a manufacturing industry, 50 GW and 10 GW solar power projects across 5,147 acres of land at Ramayapatnam, Nellore district. The total investment will be Rs.43,143 crore spent in three tranches, providing 11,500 direct and 11,000 indirect jobs opportunities.
  4. Avisa Food Private Limited Mega Foodpark – Mallavalli, Krishna District
    With an investment of Rs. 150 Cr, the project aims to provide jobs to 2,500 people. The company promises to complete the project by March 2023. 11.64 acres of land has been allotted for this purpose.
  5. Astha Green Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd – Vongimalla Village, Veeraballi taluka, YSR District
    This project aims to set up 1,800 MW hydro storage power with an investment of Rs.8,240 crore and direct employment to 4,000 people. The project is set up under 1,390 acres of land Vongimalla, YSR District and is set to be completed by December 2029
  6. Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited – Somasila&Yerravaram
    Two pumped hydro storage power projects have been approved at Somashila and Erravaram where Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited is going to set up power generation of 900 MW at Somashila and 1200 MW at Yerravaram. The company is set to spend Rs.8,855 crores for a total of 2100 MW project with direct employment opportunities for 1600 people. They targeted to complete it by July 2029.
  7. Aurobindo Realty, Infrastructure Ltd – Owk, Nandyal District &Singanamala, Anantapuramu
    Another two pumped hydro storage projects will be set up at Owk and Singanamala. Aurobindo Realty, Infrastructure Ltd o set up 800 MW power generation projects at Owk and 800 MW at Singanamala. The total investment to these projects will be Rs. 6,315 Cr. Direct employment opportunities for 1600 people. The project is set to be completed by December 2028.
  8. Indosol Solar Pvt Ltd – Paidipalem, YSR District
    The company is set to invest Rs.33,033 crores to produce a total 7,200 MW power projects. These projects are set to provide direct employment to 7,200 people and is targeted to be completed by December 2028.
  9. AM Green Energy Private Limited – Nandyal, Kurnool
    AM Green Energy Private Limited will set up solar and wind power projects in Kurnool and Nandyala districts with an investment of Rs. 5,000 Cr. This will create jobs for 1000 people. The company will set up 700 MW solar and 300 MW wind power projects with an aim to complete by March 2025.
  10. Greenko AP01 IREP Pvt Ltd – Nandyal, Kurnool
    Greenko will set up 1680 MW pumped storage project, 2300 MW solar and 250 MW wind projects with a total investment of Rs.19,600 crores, generating employment to 4,230 people. The project is set to be completed by September 2026.