Melorra launches its fourth new age digital experience centre in Delhi and the first in Bhopal

Delhi: Melorra, India’s fastest growing lightweight fine jewellery brand designing affordable and trendy jewellery for everyday wear announced the launch of its fourth experience centre in Delhi/NCR and the first in Bhopal. Melorra will be launching 350 such centres pan India in the years ahead, as part of creating a new age digital experience for its customers.

Melorra has captured the customer sentiments through its innovative and high-quality jewellery designs from the outset. It has been experiencing very strong growth month-on-month even during the pandemic due to increased demand for and popularity of lightweight jewellery. Melorra is also forecasting the best year-end-revenues.

Melorra’s experience centres are fresh and fun. They are built in line with the online experience offered by Melorra to make the connection between the channels seamless for its customers. The brand aims to enhance a customer’s sense of touch, feel and trial of Melorra jewellery, through the experience centres.

Saroja Yeramilli– CEO and Founder, Melorra

Speaking about this, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO, Melorra, said, “We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our fourth experience centre in Delhi and first in Bhopal. Melorra has been a disruptor in the lightweight and trendy gold jewellery category ever since we started operations and even during the pandemic situation. Our USP lies in the fact that despite being commensurate with global fashion trends, our jewellery is also affordable and starts from Rs.3500 ! We have been able to create a new category as per the changing perceptions around gold jewellery and give the women of today something more than what was being offered earlier. Gold is fashionable and affordable and suitable for everyday wear with modern attire. This is what the Melorra experience is all about.”

All the experience stores are designed for any of the many journeys a customer may choose to adopt: shop online pick up in store; shop in store ship to home and everything in between. The customers are welcomed with beautiful full-length mirrors and in store stylists available as advisors and consultants, enabling the woman to build her fashionable fine jewellery wardrobe.

Since inception in 2016, Melorra has delivered to over 2500 towns in the country and made its mark everywhere – from villages with a population of less than 10,000 to cities with population above 1 million. The brand launches 75 designs every Friday inspired by global fashion trends.