Molded Fiber Packaging with Benefits at Norwalk Packaging

El Paso, TX, March 23, 2024 — Norwalk Packaging is pleased to announce the immediate availability of up to 3 tons per day of their premium molded fiber packaging capacity, specifically for businesses in the electronics, medical, automotive, consumer goods, and food and beverage sectors that are steering towards a more sustainable future.

Norwalk Packaging offers a unique proposition: businesses that commit to utilizing 100% of this capacity will benefit from exclusive partnership terms, including preferential pricing and cost structures, underscoring their commitment to fostering long-term, sustainable relationships. This is an unparalleled opportunity for companies looking to significantly upgrade their sustainability practices with eco-friendly, high-quality packaging solutions.

Businesses poised to amplify their green credentials have a strategic opportunity to partner with Norwalk Packaging for custom, eco-friendly packaging solutions. Those interested in leveraging this capacity for a sustainable edge can make inquiries at