MRG School organizes adventure activities on campus

MRG school rocksport (2)

MRG School, the premier K-12 school in Rohini, based on the value-based education of The Shri Ram School, in collaboration with Shri Educare hosted outdoor activities for students in association with Rocksport, known to organize adventure camps. The event saw participation from over 250 parents and students.

MRG School has recently resumed in-class education for all its students with educational and medical specialists to ensure that all bases were covered in terms of student and staff safety. The outdoor exercise event was also an excellent opportunity to put the school’s safety policies to the test. The event went off without a hitch, and no infections were recorded. Students participated in exciting outdoor activities thanks to the Rocksport team’s innovative games.

Hands-free sanitisation stations, contactless soap dispensers, security cameras for increased oversight on any events involving COVID inappropriate behavior, and video recorders throughout the school to capture student and staff movement at all times are now all in place at the school. “Every staff member has been trained and groomed to follow COVID guidelines at all times, with a zero-tolerance policy for any misbehaviour or non-compliance. According to state government laws, regular sanitisation of classrooms, social distance, and masks are required for any on-campus activities. The outdoor activity was an attempt to reintroduce students to normal life without jeopardizing their safety or health,” Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, Rohini explained.