NGO Pararthya’s “Project Rahat” drive to bring relief to migrant workers in DelhiNCR

NGO Pararthya’s “Project Rahat” drive to bring relief to migrant workers in DelhiNCR

New Delhi: As an endeavour to do service to the society, the NGO Pararthya Sustainable Development & Environment Conservation Society, supported by Viraaj Ventures and funded by Realty Assistant conducted ‘Project Rahat’, a Social Development drive for CSR 2020-21in which they distributed clothes, organized donation drive, and did various activities in the different parts of the capital region to help those severely affected by winter season in a pandemic stricken environment.

The initiative themed Rahat was dedicated to bring relief to the migrants of Delhi and NCR region who lost their jobs succumbing to the deadly blow of COVID-19. The project was aimed at making people aware about the importance of following personal hygiene amidst the winter doubly hit by the life taking impact of COVID-19.

According to the IMD, in the past decade the country has seen 506 percent increase in cold waves which accounted for more number of deaths due to cold waves as compared to the heat waves. The major reason for the death is the unavailability of shelter and clothing to shield one from the cold waves.

As part of the endeavour, four teams visited areas massively populated by people living on roadside, taking refuge at shelter homes or setting up their own jhuggis during the seven days drive. Soaps, sanitizers, masks and water bottles were distributed that was perfectly complimented by providing them with guidance for proper sanitizing practices, the correct way to wear mask and how to effectively practice social distancing.

“Continuing the humanitarian legacy, at Pararthya we were determined to extend our support to the suffering working section of the society for which ‘Project Rahat’ was incepted to save the lives lost due to the extreme winters,” said Mr Ankit Aditya Pradhan, Founder & CEO, Realty Assistant.

Along with this, as part of the donation drive, 200+ blankets, 500+ warm clothes, 500+ soaps, 300+ sanitizers, 500+ masks, 100+ bread packets, 2 cartons of 120 biscuit packets and 10 toffee packets were also distributed.